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Last week year 6 went on their residential to Weardale House in County Durham. They did a range of activities but you will have to read on to find out more.

by Amy and Rosie

Last week year 6 went on their residential to Weardale House in County Durham. They did a range of activities including:

A local walk; canoeing; high ropes; mining; archery; wilderness challenge  (an 8 mile walk!);  marshmallow roasting; a disco; rock climbing, abseiling, team games and a nightline. They were all amazing!!

The local walk was just a 2 mile walk around the local area and forests and just a chance to take some lovely pictures.

 Canoeing was awesome because everyone was capsizing into the freezing cold water and we played games like the one where she threw loads of balls in the water and we had to try and collect all of them without capsizing. In the end we all ended up jumping in to a little area full of water. It was EXTREMELY FREEZING COLD!!

High ropes were funny because we had to walk up an inclined log and hug the tree at the end and then jump off the log. (you have a harness on you by the way) We all had a go at climbing the log and moved onto the leap of faith which was a tree with a platform at the top and you climb up the tree onto the platform (with a harness attached to you with a rope on it) and jump off the edge and try to hit the ball when you jump off.

 The Mining was a 10 minute trip away from the house in a helmet and full waterproof costume when it is BOILING hot!! It was a 5 minute walk to the mine but when we got to the mine a lot of people were starting to want to turn back but we did it anyway and it was amazing! We had to climb over a big hill, under a little tunnel where you had to lay flat on your belly and crawl through it.

 One of the best activities was rock climbing and abseiling. Fun! There were only a few that didn’t like it (we are not going to mention anyone) they all got to the top eventually and abseiled down. The easy one was easy to climb up because of all the ledges but hard to abseil down and the hard one was hard to climb up because there were no ledges but easy to abseil down!!

We roasted the marshmallows on sticks which everyone thought was ok, however when it came to the hot chocolate our instructor made it but then mixed it in with a twig!! EWWWW!!

By Amy and Rosie