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At Carlton Primary we fully acknowledge that bullying can be a complex and distressing issue.  We have taken the decision to plan ongoing learning opportunities to tackle any genuine incidents of bullying. We hope that these pages of the school website will inform you about the work we have been undertaking in school.  Throughout this work we will be reacting directly to the views and needs of the children.  We plan in half termly schemes designed to prevent bullying and to also provide firm and clear systems for dealing with bullying should it happen. 

Some examples of the work we do:

o   S.T.O.P. (Several Times On Purpose) – a visual reminder of what bullying is.

o   Creating a positive classroom.

o   Helping the targets of bullying.

o   Helping children to recognise their bullying behaviour.

Please don’t hesitate to come and speak with us directly if you would like any further information.


An Anti-bullying policy by the children of Carlton Primary School

What is bullying?

  • Hurting someone on purpose, more than once.
  • Making fun of someone on purpose, more than once.
  • Gossiping, spreading rumours about others on purpose, more than once.
  • Leaving people out on purpose, more than once.
  • Cyberbullying is doing any of the above using technology.

What to do:

  • Be assertive (stand up for yourself and others).
  • Tell the Anti-bullying Ambassadors, an adult, your parents, your friends.
  • Keep away from that person.
  • Be brave and strong – it’s them, not you.

Our slogans:

  • STOP – Several times on purpose
  • DBP – Don’t bully people.

Written by the school council 26.4.18