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Assessment Without Levels

Information for Parents

The way in which we assess your child’s academic progress at Carlton has changed recently.  It is important that we keep you up to date with these changes so that we can work closely with you to make sure every child continues to meet their full potential.

Back in September 2014, we began teaching your children a brand new National Curriculum as prescribed by the Department for Education. The Government decided that we should no longer continue using the old method of assessment which was a series of descriptors and levels such as 2b, 2a, 3c etc which no longer exist.

The Government gave schools the freedom to develop their own unique methods of assessment.  Our methods have more focus on assessing the children in terms of their age and in terms of the high expectations of the National Curriculum.  Teachers focus on making sure children have a deep level of understanding before moving them on to the next step in their learning.  We are also able to give parents a detailed and in depth analysis of what the next steps are in order to continue to make good progress.

Foundation Stage

Children in Foundation Stage will continue to be assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP for short). This consists of a collection of detailed criteria to measure the progress towards a set of Early Learning Goals.  At the end of Upper Foundation (Reception) these are reported as Emerging, Expected or Exceeding the Early Learning Goals in each area.

Years 1-6

These children are assessed in the way that we have always taught our children at Carlton, in a series of three Key Phases.  Key Stage 1 (Y1&2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Y3&4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Y5&6).  Children spend two years in each Key Phase and are assessed against a set of criteria that measures their level of understanding of the objectives within their Year Group.  At certain points in the year, we are able to gauge if your child is on track to be below, at or above the nationally expected levels by the end of the year. 

Your child’s teacher will be able to share their level of understanding with you at each parental consultation and this will also be included in their year-end report so that you can track and monitor their progress.