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Carlton Primary School – Attendance policy

We are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, attainment, ability or background. Our aim is to be an inclusive school. This means that equality of opportunity must be a reality for all our children.

All pupils benefit from regular school attendance. To this end we will do all we can to encourage parents/carers to ensure that the children in their care achieve maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent full attendance are identified and acted on promptly. Schools have a safeguarding duty in respect of their pupils, therefore must closely monitor pupils’ attendance through their daily register. As part of this, it is important that pupils’ poor attendance is referred to the local authority where necessary.

We expect that

  • All children will attend school regularly and punctually and all parents/carers will discuss promptly with our Learning Mentor any problems that deter them from doing so.
  • Parents/carers will contact school immediately giving a satisfactory reason for their child’s absence so that it may be recorded as Authorised

The school will:

  • keep regular and accurate computerised records of attendance for all pupils, twice daily and monitor every pupil’s attendance
  • contact parents as soon as possible when a pupil fails to attend where no message has been received to explain the absence;
  • have a system to record all absences, late arrivals and medical appointments during the day in the office
  • encourage good attendance through a weekly presentation of the ‘Class Attendance Cup’, termly class rewards and individual certificates
  • provide a welcoming atmosphere for children and a safe learning environment
  • appoint an ‘Attendance Governor’ whose role is to work closely with the school
  • publish and display attendance statistics, celebrating good or improved attendance
  • make initial enquiries of parents/carers of pupils who are not attending regularly, express their concern and clarify the school’s and the LA’s expectations with regard to regular school attendance
  • refer irregular or unjustified patterns of attendance to the Education Welfare Service; failure to comply with the EWO may result in a fixed term penalty or a court order. 
  • ensure that a child who returns after a long term absence, four weeks or more, receives support from our Learning Mentor in a caring reintegration programme.
  • provide parents/carers with an annual written printout of their child’s attendance and punctuality record.

Attendance issues are the initial responsibility of our Learning Mentor who will liaise with other staff regarding individual cases. She will regularly meet with parents/carers and the Education Welfare Officer. If a child is absent for ten days with no given satisfactory reason then the case will be discussed with the Education Welfare Officer.

Authorised Absence

Authorised absence is most frequently defined as; illness, medical and dental appointments and exceptional special occasions (see below ). Authorised absence is at the Head Teacher’s discretion and you will be required to provided school with evidence of the absence such as a doctor’s letter. Routine dental appointments should be booked during school holidays.

Authorised Planned Leave in Exceptional Circumstances

In all cases an attendance record of at least 95% is required for any authorised absence leave to be considered. Each case will be considered individually but usually meet the criteria below

  • Up to 2 days per year for religious festivals
  • Funeral of a close family member
  • Up to 2 days for the wedding of a family member
  • Participation in a sporting event at city, regional or national level
  • Theatre performances ( only authorised if a recognised licence is required )
  • Recognised examinations for music or dance
  • Other exceptional circumstances agreed on an individual basis by the Head Teacher

This list of exceptional circumstances have been agreed by all the Primary Schools in the Rothwell Cluster

Unauthorised Absence

Unauthorised absence is most frequently defined as absence when no explanation is given by parents. In addition these planned absence requests below will not be authorised

  • All holidays will be unauthorised including long weekends
  • Visits to relatives
  • Visits to events
  • Modelling auditions
  • Birthdays and shopping trips

Holidays- We are unable to authorise any holidays during term time. All schools have to report unauthorised absence to the Education Authority who may issue parents with a fixed fine penalty notice. However for safeguarding purposes, you will be required to fill out a leave of absence request form. No parents/carers can demand leave of absence for their child as a right.

Exclusion will always be recorded in accordance with LEA regulations, parents will always receive written notification and work will be set for the child to do at home

Punctuality affects the education of all children and also provides the foundation for life long habits. Any child arriving after the 9 o clock late bell will be marked Late. Parents/carers are asked to sign in at the office stating the reason for lateness which is recorded on the computer system. Parents/carers will receive a letter from the head teacher if their child is regularly late and will be invited to discuss how they can be better supported.

Changing schools- a pupil will not be removed from our school roll until we know; the reason for leaving, the date they will be leaving this school and starting at the next, the address of the new school. We will complete a ‘Common Transfer File’ (CTF) and send assessment records to the new school as soon as possible. If the receiving school do not confirm that the pupil has enrolled there the family will be referred to the EWO as a ‘Mislocated Child’

Every effort will be made to ensure that a child does not miss school during a transfer.

Staff Absence will always be recorded and the LEA notified through the appropriate forms, which require the signature of the head teacher. The bursar will monitor absence and provide the head teacher with staff computer printouts when required. 

Staff leaving school site during the day will be asked to sign out and in on the Inventory system outside the office.

Visitors and students are asked to sign in and out using the Ineventory system outside the office and they are asked to wear a visitor badge.