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Autumn 1

Cherry chocolates are enjoying their topic 'Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf'. Using the book 'Little Red' they have written their own story about a big bad wolf. 

Cherry Class used their imaginations and wrote a story, similar, but with a big bad vampire bat! 

In Maths we are concentrating on our number bonds to 10 and 20. Can you child tell you them?

Please look at our Photo Gallery to see your child's experience with chopping and peeling. They made Grandma a healthy meal. She was quite specific with her brief! 

Hello Cherry Class.

In September I will be your Class teacher.  I am very excited to see you all again but for now, I have recorded you a special video message below! 

I will also be setting you a 'getting to know you' challenge each day so make sure you keep scrolling past my 'Hello' videos below!



'Getting to know you' Challenges

If you would like to share your answers to the challenges, you can upload them to EvidenceMe or Google Classroom.


Can you tell me 4 activities you enjoy or interests you have? Tell me something about you!


Can you tell me 3 of your favourite foods or snacks?  I love Sunday Dinners, pizza and broccoli. 


Can you tell me 2 books that you enjoy reading? I really enjoy sharing Matilda by Roald Dahl or Supertato by Sue Hendra with my classes!


Can you tell me 1 thing you are looking forward to in September?


Can you draw or describe how you are feeling? 

There are lots of books that you can read to help you think about your feelings including Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas.

I hope you have a lovely holiday! Enjoy the outdoors.

Year Ones- Below are some holiday Menu's for you to choose from.

Year Two's- Crack on with those fun books you got from school!

Enjoy and see you in September!

Love Miss McEwan