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"We are Cherry Champions."

We are friendly and helpful to everyone in our school and community. We love to learn and always do our best. 

Friday 27th March 2020 Home Task

I have been dancing to ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner and singing to this song ‘That’s life’ by Frank Sinatra. What is your favourite song? Make sure you sing or dance to it today!

Free dancing in your living room, free dancing in your bedroom or free dancing in your garden! If your adult isn’t working get them to join in! Let loose, be wild and free (sorry parents). It is good for our bodies to shake and sing and the music will help our happy emotions!

Can you find anything in your house that will make a beat? Or maybe you could use your body part as an instrument. Can you write symbols to show your music? Like this.

This is called sheet music. You are now a composer like Wolfgang Mozart- we had an assembly about him!

Yesterday's Zoom in, Zoom out! If you got it right ask your adult to let me know on twitter. Do you want more Zoom in , Zoom out challenges?


Thursday 26th March 2020 Home Task

I am glad you have all got closer to the plants around you yesterday. Do you remember in class when we looked at pictures that were zoomed right in and we had to guess what they were? Can you guess what plant this is?

 I will give you the answer tomorrow! 

So today, I’d like you to practice your addition and subtraction skills please. Ask an adult to write you 10 sums within 20 (17- 9, 8+7). You must do them independently! Go up to numbers within 50 for those of you that need to, or down to numbers within 10. If you would like a challenge you could add 3 single digit numbers togther (3 + 9 + 2).

Remember to use resources if you need them. Stones, straws, teddybears, pocket toys, blades of grass, hoops, pencils or whatever you use to count.

Adam Add is a greedy pants and makes numbers bigger. Susie Subtract is a meany and takes things away therefore making numbers smaller. 

Wednesday 25th March 2020 Home Task

Please do the phonics (Read Write Inc) daily speed sound lessons-see twitter! This will benefit your child tremendously!

I have 23 plants inside my house, how many do you have inside or in your garden? Do you know the names of these plants?

Which is the biggest plant? Can you compare this to the height or width of the smallest plant?

What will you use to measure them? Please record your findings in your home learning book. Be creative and resourceful if you do not have a ruler. Do this independently if you can while your adult works. 

Enjoy the sunshine! :-)

Tuesday 24th March 2020 Home Task

  I love plants and this is my favourite one in my home. It is an aloe vera plant which can be used as a medicine on our skin. Outside it is prickly and rough, what do you think it is like inside?

I think that…

I predict it….

Use adjectives (adjectives are describing words).

Can you re-cap what we learnt in Science last term and draw a plant labelled with roots, leaves and a stem? Maybe you can find out more parts of a plant.

               ​​​​​Monday 23rd March 2020 Home Task.

Hello Cherry Class,

I have missed you!

As you know I wasn't in school before we closed because I was poorly. I had a tooth infection that spread. One side of my face was blown up. I looked very funny!

I would like you to ask me some questions about this. Remember, capital letter and a question mark. I expect your handwriting to be as beautiful as it was when I last saw you!

Write these in your home learning diaries and if your adult tweets them I can respond! 





Spring 2 2020 - School Closure

Hi Cherry class,

Miss McEwan here! :) Hope you are all excitedly getting on with your daily tasks; I can't wait to see what you have been getting up to. If you have done something great which you would like to share with everyone, why not tweet us! You can find us on twitter @Carlton1876

I will be updating our class page with a task of the day to challenge you.  Keep checking for regular updates and remember to stay safe. See you all soon.


Task of the day:

Wednesday 18th March 2020 - How many facts can you remember about George Stephenson?You could make a poster, factfile or even just present these facts to someone in your house! 

Thursday 19th March 2020 - Can you recall all your number bonds to 5? How about 10? See how many you can recall in 60 seconds! Use these songs to help you!

Friday 20th March 2020 - In RE this half term, we have been discussing our planet and ways we can care for it. Can you tell someone in your house about the 3 R's? Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Autumn 2 2019

Our Topic for this term is 'The House'. The children are learning about geographical features of a village and a town. Can they explain these to you?

In Maths we are focusing on addition and subtraction. We are using Adam Add and Susie Subtract. Can your children tell you about these characters? In our Maths lessons we are using numicon, place value counters, straws, tens frames, multi-link and base ten. At home you can use sticks, pebbles and baked beans, for example. 

In English we are focusing on sentences being written with a capital letter and a full stop and are now ensuring our letters are formed correctly but also the right size. Children are learning about adjectives and proper nouns. Can they tell you what these are? 

Autumn 1 2019

Our First topic is 'Kings, Queens and Castles'. The children are learning Monarchs from the past and present. 

In Maths we are focusing and place value up to 20. We are using place value counters, tens and ones,  straws, numicon and counters to represent the numerals and words. 

In English we are focusing on writing sentences using capital letters and fullstops. Ensuring the letters are formed the correct way can be a challenge. Can your child tell you about the one o'clock club?