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We are Colorado Cool Cats!

School Closure Colorado Class Update - 30.03.20

 Hi guys! Hope you had a nice weekend? I miss you all :(

Codie is our Spelling Shed Champion and Harry is our TTRS champion despite having a broken thumb - I hope it gets better soon! 

Today's task - Monday 30th March

A little bit of SPaG fun today!
Can you identify the SPaG terminology from the emojis?
Please ask parents to Tweet your answers. I, of course, am going to really enjoy doing this task. Answers tomorrow! 



School Closure Colorado Class Update - 26.03.20

Great work Codie who is back at the top of the Spelling Shed leaderboard. We have a new TTRS leader today . . . Harry! Well done to you!

What wildlife did you spot yesterday? I've seen 3 more butterflies in my garden (two were flying so I couldn't see what they were and one was bright yellow!) and some huuuuge bumblebees! Daphne enjoys stalking them all; she tries to catch them but she can't jump high enough to where they are flying around.

I hope you are all keeping busy with your homelearning packs but also taking some time to exercise and enjoy being with your families. 

Today's task - Thursday 26th March

Invent a new game with the people in your house. Could the game include a maths element to it? Write a set of instructions for how to play. Maybe you invent a new board game and actually make it. Have fun!



School Closure Colorado Class Update - 25.03.20

Well done Isabel who has massively overtaken everyone on the Spelling Shed Leaderboard. Alfie BS is back at the top of TTRS - and a big thank to Alfie too who's shared some learning on Twitter. It really made my day so please, everyone, ask parents to upload pictures to show me what you've been up to. 

Today's task - Wednesday 25th March

Another glorious day - I don't normally get much wildlife in my garden apart from magpies but yesterday a beautiful butterfly landed on my garden table. I did some research and found out it was a  'peacock' butterfly and it has lovely coloured wings to confuse predators, however the underside of its wings are brown so it can be camouflaged on tree bark.

See what wildlife you can spot outside today - do some research on whatever you see and let me know the interesting facts you find out.




    School Closure Colorado Class Update - 24.03.20

Morning, guys!

Huge well done to the 14 of you who have completed the expected amount of TTRS homelearning - Mackenzie has now overtaken Alfie BS on the leaderboard.

Well done Joe, Isabella, Josh, Bradley, Isabel and Codie for doing the full Spelling Shed homelearning. Joe is officially top of the leaderboard. I want to see lots more of you doing this.

Today's task - Tuesday 24th March

It's going to be a beautiful day today! Get out into the garden and see if you can work out the perimeter and area of it. 

Remember, you don't have to measure with a ruler, you can use feet or steps instead.

Here are some websites to remind you how to work them out:

and pleeeeease ask parents to tweet to school some photos of the work you've been doing! I'm desperate to see all your fantastic learning.



                                        School Closure Colorado Class Update - 23.03.20

Hi everyone! I'm pleased to see that more of you have started doing your daily homelearning - still not more than half the class though, so c'mon guys! Codie and Joe are currently waaaaay at the top of the Spelling Shed leader board and Alfie BS is top of TTRS. Well done you three, I'm very proud of you!

I hope you have been joining in with the daily workouts (link on UKS2 homepage) - I did mine this morning!

Today's task - Monday 23rd March

Start keeping a diary about what's happening in the world right now. In years to come, that will be a first-hand primary source of history! Your grandkids will be asking you if they can bring it into school to show their teacher and friends, just like when you bring in things that your grandparents have from different important parts of history, such as the war.



School Closure Colorado Class Update - 20.03.20

Hi Colorado! Well done to those of you who are doing their daily homelearning. Massive well done to Ben is currently the top of the TTRS and Spelling Shed leader board for homelearning.

I hope you had some fun with your science investigation. Ask parents to Tweet any photos of your work to school's twitter so I can see what you've been up to.

Be sure to keep exercising whilst we're not in school - look at the link on the UKS2 homepage to daily workouts you can follow.

Today's task - Friday 20th March

I know we love the art books in the classroom that show us how to draw. Ask parents' permission if you can borrow their social media to look at this:

Have a go at creating a picture using lots of different animals. I'm going to try too! And remember to ask parents to tweet your work so I can see!


School Closure Colorado Class Update - 18.03.20

Hi Colorado - it's Miss Johnson!

I hope you are all ok at home. Well done to those children who have started their daily homelearning tasks - I can see who is doing their TTRS and Spelling Shed work!

An additional task for you:

Conduct an investigation of your choice similar to the one we did with the rocket mice (remember 'Supergirl' who makes sure everything is fair and alright!)

Your task is to draw a bar graph to show your results
like the one we did together in class.

Your investigation could be about anything - the sillier the better! Some ideas:

Does the size of an orange affect how far it rolls?
Does the height at which a slinky is pushed effected how many stairs it will go down?
Does a football roll further on grass, pavement or decking?

Remember, if you don't have a tape measure, you can measure with anything - spoons, hands, feet, steps, toilet roll (hopefully you all have plenty of that!). See if your family members want to join in doing this investigation with you.

Anybody who really wants to challenge themselves - I've uploaded the recording sheet to the bottom of this page so you can write up the whole investigation if you wanted to.

Good luck! 
I'm excited to see what you all get up to.
I'll set you some more tasks soon :) 






Spring 1

Our topic this half term is Groovy Greeks.

We started the half term with a theatre performance about Perseus and Medusa. Just some of the things we are going to be learning about are life in Ancient Greece, the olympics and The Battle of Marathon. We are also going to be creating our own Greek mythical creatures out of wire and modroc. 

In science, we are learning all about the circulatory system. Maths this half term is all about fractions and we are writing spooky narratives based on a short film called 'Alma'.






Autumn 2

Our topic for the second half of the Autumn term looked at The Slave Trade and how this affected hundreds of thousands people and its influence on today. We learnt about Henry 'Box' Brown who escaped to freedom in 1849; we used his story to influence our writing. 

We have also had a geography focus this half of term, learning all about navigation and climate zones.

In PSHE, we've been looking at how the media influences us, particularly with food adverts and labels and how images in the media do not always reflect reality. We've also looked at positive role models.



In Colorado Class, we read 3 times a week and write a gist sentence in our planners about what we have read. This is reviewed on Friday mornings.

We also play 3 games on Spelling Shed and 5 games on TimesTable Rockstars. This is due to be done by Monday morning and is re-set every Monday afternoon.






Autumn 1

During Autumn 1, our topic was 'Digging Up The Past' where we studied the Stone Age to the Iron Age learning all about the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods of pre-historic time. We really enjoyed studying cave art and created our own inside our own caves as well as having a go at being hunter-gatherers.

In English, we used Jurassic World as a writing stimulus. We created narratives focusing on suspense and wrote a news report about the dinosaurs that escaped. 

We have had a busy half of term with the Year 6s completing their level 2 Bikeability course and Year 5s going on residential to Herd Farm.

During Black History Week, we were really proud of our collage artwork of the first African-American woman in Space, Mae Jemison.