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Computing at Carlton Primary School

Our computing vision at Carlton Primary School is to prepare our children for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. We will strive to keep children safe online and provide them with the knowledge and tools to do so. Our use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum. We will also use ICT to empower our staff to work more efficiently, creatively and effectively to improve their teaching and assessing of the pupils in their class. ICT will also be an integral communication tool within the school and to the wider community.

Computing at Carlton Primary School is taught through the use of Switched on Computing by Rising Stars which enables the children to be challenged with creative and inspiring projects that embed the computing curriculum. Carlton Primary School has recently gained the National Online Safety Accreditation which equips school staff, parents and pupils with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers. Many of our learning skills are developed through ICT as our large, newly updated computing suite encourages our children to be independent, resilient and responsible learners.

In foundation stage the children follow Rising stars switched on for early years. There are a selection of projects that can be matched to the children's topic for each half term. These projects involve the children recording sounds, taking digital photographs, investigating different technologies, using video cameras to record clips and emailing/blogging.

Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Spring 1
Spring 2
Summer 1
Summer 2
Year 1
Using programmable toys
Illustrating an e-book with videos
Illustrating an e-book with pictures
Finding images using the Internet
Produce a talking book
Creating a digital card
Year 2
Programming on screen
Explore how computer games work
Taking photos using digital cameras
Research a topic and create a presentation
Solve a mystery by replying to emails
Collect and record data and interpret in a graph
Year 3
Programming an animation
Finding and correcting bugs in programmes
Videoing performances
Making and sharing a short screen cast presentation
Using emailing and conferencing safely
Collecting and analysing data
Year 4
Developing an educational game
Prototyping an interactive toy
Producing digital music
Editing and writing HTML
Producing a wiki
Presenting the weather
Year 5
Developing an interactive game
Cracking codes
Use vector and turtle graphics to explore geometric art
Create a website about online safety
Sharing experiences and opinions through blogging
Creating a virtual space
Year 6
Making a text based adventure game
Mastering algorithms for searching, sorting and mathematics
Creating a short television advert
Exploring computer networks including the Internet
Using media and mapping to document a trip
Create a year book or a magazine

Online safety is also taught throughout foundation stage to year 6 using the National Online Safety scheme of work once every half term.