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Healthy Schools

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Free fruit and veg for Key Stage 1 Happy and healthy dinners!  The salad bar!

Healthy Schools

We pride ourselves at being very healthy at Carlton Primary (with the occasional treat for well-being!). Every class enjoys two hours of P.E each week which includes our daily wake-up and shake up dance at 1pm. There are currently four sporty after school clubs too, run by our enthusiastic staff, these are: athletics, dance, football and rugby. Playtimes are extremely active as children use our climbing wall, adventure trail, wildlife area as well as all the equipment for sports and of course, skipping ropes!

Every child is encouraged to eat the free fruit or veg supplied every day by Leeds City Council along with their milk or water. All our children have clear water bottles and can drink throughout the day to ensure good brain hydration for learning empowerment!

Our school dinners are fabulous and are rigorously checked for balance and nutrition by both LCC and our Head Catering Manager Ms. Williams. The children have a good choice every day and we often use fresh veg from our own garden in school!

PSHCE (Personal, social, health and citizenship education) form a large part of our healthy schools curriculum as every class has a fortnightly circle time where issues such as respect, help, friendship, community and general social skills are discussed in fun ways through games and activities. PSHCE lessons are thoroughly planned through our 'SEAL' (social, emotional aspects of learning) schemes. There is also a weekly 'Ethos statement' introduced in Mondays' assembly for children to think about each week where all the above issues are addressed.

Our wonderful staff are so supportive of any child having social difficulties and our Learning Mentor supports families when necessary.

As you can see, Healthy Schools is so much more than being active and eating sensibly, it supports the whole child through social and emotional well being so that they are healthy and happy enough to achieve their full potential in their learning.