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History helps to develop children’s understanding of the world they live in under a broad chronological narrative.

In Key Stage 1, the children learn about significant individuals, important anniversaries or festivals and events in living memory as well as events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally, such as ‘The Great Fire of London’. Some lives of individuals and their achievements are used to compare aspects of life in different periods.

In Key Stage 2, the children discover how Britain developed from the Stone Age through to the invasions by Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Local history is taught in both Key Stages and in Key Stage 2 other civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Mayan people are a topic focus.

Our history detectives are curious, always asking questions, examining, comparing and interpreting a wide range of evidence before drawing their own conclusions. We encourage our children to find out why disputes happen and decisions are taken; why people behave as they do and the consequences of this. We want our children to respect and empathise with different cultures, ideas and beliefs of the past and also approach their learning with enthusiasm, curiosity and wonder.