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Why do we set Homelearning?

  • To consolidate basic skills
  • To consolidate new learning
  • To encourage enthusiasm for a new topic
  • To motivate and engage children with their learning
  • To develop children’s independence and research skills
  • To engage parents with their child’s learning
  • To promote parents’ understanding of how children learn

The Parents’ Role

In order to best support your child with their homelearning, we ask parents to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Encourage and support children with their homelearning, but don’t complete it for them.
  • Discuss and share the learning with your child.
  • Check the work and maybe write a brief comment, e.g. ‘My child found this task challenging but we got there in the end.’
  • Encourage your child to become independent in organising their homelearning.
  • Encourage them to take pride in their work.
  • Encourage the use of different resources – internet, library, information books, dictionary, thesaurus
  • Support in finding a quiet time and place to complete their homelearning.

The Child’s Role

The children are expected to take increasing responsibility for their homelearning as they move up through school.  The responsibilities they need to develop are:

  • Communicating with parents about their homelearning.
  • Organising themselves – taking tasks home, completing them and returning them on time.
  • Making sure they understand the task – asking for help if needed.
  • Listening carefully to and remembering instructions.
  • Taking care over their tasks and completing them to their best ability.