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In school we use a child-friendly word processor called 'Textease'. This is much simpler for our younger children than Microsoft Word. We have a license that allows parents to download Textease for free so that children can continue their learning at home if necessary.

If you wish to download Textease, please follow the steps below.

1) Go to

2) Click on the 'Textease Studio CT@home' link (version 6.6)

3)  Allow the installation to run (you may need to select 'open' or 'run' when prompted), this may take a few minutes.

4) Once textease is installed you will be prompted for a password. This year's password is 'wardrobe'.

If you have any problems with installation, please let us know at school and we may be able to help. We do have some physical copies of Textease on CD which we can lend out if the download isn't working properly.