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Spring 2

Our half term picked up with our first class assembly of the year, recapping our learning since January. If you missed it, or wish to relive the experience, you can see it below:



Spring 2 is a notoriously short half term but we are packing it full of learning, taking those 5 weeks and making them matter. Our topic is called "Creaky Bones" and, as you'll know from the banner, focuses on our skeletons (and those of different animals) to understand their purpose, the names of some major bones and how they combine with muscles to help us move.

The body theme continues through several subjects: In PSHCE we will explore the dangers of alcohol and tobacco and look at ways we can resist peer pressure to avoid exposing ourselves to harmful substances. Our art and design will  explore healthy eating and what it means to eat healthily - not just cutting down on sugary foods, but how we can plan and maintain a balanced diet and the components of a good diet.

A special week will split up the half term where the whole school will focus on the Victorians, including some one-off activities and the opportunity to become Victorians for a couple of days. Look out for further newsletters with more information about these events.

Spring 1

We have made a flying start to 2019 with our new topic on fair trade. Over the coming weeks, we will follow the trials and tribulations of Jane Mukube, a Zimbabwean banana farmer who turned her business around with the support of fair trade enterprises. The children will learn how small changes we make in our lives can have a much bigger impact on people around the world. Through this link, we will learn more about some countries in Africa and how they differ to the UK, follow recipes to create banana muffins and use coordinates and grid references to identify locations.

Our writing will work alongside our topic, extending our understanding of sentence structure and widening our vocabulary. We will look at haiku and cinquain poems and learn about their unique syllable structures. Three weeks will be spent building our narrative writing skills as we use the short film "Taking Flight" to explore other geographical landscapes before we finish the unit with a factual newspaper report.

In our maths, we will look at formal methods for multiplying and dividing larger numbers before turning our attention to measurements, specifically learning about area and perimeter. Towards the end of this half term we will begin to delve into the wonderful world of fractions.

In keeping with the global theme, our science learning will focus on animal habitats and characteristics of different animals that allow them to survive and thrive. In keeping with a wider theme of responsibility, we will look at how humans can positively and negatively impact the environment, choosing to help or hinder the survival of wildlife.

Autumn 2

Although not technically Autumn 2 yet, there is so much to learn about the Romans that we wanted to get started as soon as possible. Such a pivotal era in our history, we will be bringing this topic alive with plenty of hands on opportunities: Visits to York for both year 3 and 4 with a residential included for year 4 children; designing and making Roman tunics ready for a fashion show (parents invited) and designing and creating Roman mosaics.

We will look at structured non-chronological reports, then use our York trips as inspiration for recount writing. Our English learning will round off with some narrative story writing.

Our maths will turn to calculations strategies. Initially we will learn how to use and apply column addition and subtraction, with and without exchanging across columns. Towards the end of the unit multiplication and division will be introduced before we turn to looking at using money, just in time for Christmas.

Autumn 1

Welcome back to a new and exciting year of learning in Monarch class. We will be kicking off the year with our "Golden Ticket" topic, based around the Roald Dahl book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We will look at who Roald Dahl was and some of his writing inspirations, before diving into our class book. As we journey through, we will write letters trying to persuade Charlie to spy for rival chocolatiers,  create our own characters and write an extra chapter for the book, as well as having a go at writing our own Oopmah Loompa song.

In maths we will spend time on  understanding numbers, including negative numbers, rounding, Roman numerals and place value. A quick look at telling the time will round out the maths spanning this topic.

Across the curriculum the children will design and make new sweets for Wonka's factory, then design and make packaging for their sweets using nets. They will explore pentatonic scales and have a go playing a tune on glockenspiels using a pentatonic scale and following notes.