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Music Vision Statement 

Our music curriculum at Carlton Primary school aims to provide all pupils with a high quality music education which engages and inspires children to develop a life-long love of music. Through playing, singing, creating and performing, children will develop confidence, creative skills and improve their emotional well-being. The skills involved in playing and listening to music can help learners develop the self-esteem, self-discipline and self-motivation necessary for success.

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At Carlton, we use the music educational scheme 'Charanga' as a basis. This provides inspiring materials and music pieces for the teachers to use with the pupils in each year group as well as specific programmes of work. 

The music curriculum can be split into 3 areas. Performing, composing, listening and context.


We believe that opportunities for children to perform as a solo, in small groups or ensemble helps to nurture essential life skills such as co-operation, mutual support and commitment. Carlton gives the pupils this chance in music lessons and well as through opportunities such as choir, class assemblies and celebratory performances.


Children must be given the chance to compose their own music to gain a fuller knowledge and understanding of how a piece is made. This ranges from using their own body to create music to understanding musical notation. 

Listening and context

At Carlton, children are exposed to a wide variety of music, giving them the opportunity to compare genres, composers and pieces from different time periods. From this they are able to evaluate music by others as well as their own, meaning they build on their reflection skills as well as their appreciation.

Other opportunities

We aim to make music an enjoyable learning experience and Carlton offers experiences outside of the timetabled lessons to further this. Pupils participate in recorder lessons in Key Stage 1 and ukulele lessons in Key Stage 2. They also have the chance to further their instrumental skills in Key Stage 2 through 1:1 tuition in electric guitar or drums. Each of these challenge their skills, giving them the opportunity to improve further. 


Alongside instruments, singing also lies at the heart of good music teaching and joining together to sing during key stage assemblies, whole school assemblies, harvest festivals and Christmas carols around the tree is an important and traditional part of school life at Carlton.

Curriculum Progression – implementation


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Early Years


Action songs


Christmas/ Ho, ho, ho

Me/ My story

Everyone/ Our world

Big bear funk

Reflect, Rewind and Relay 

Key Stage 1

Hey You! 

Rhythm in the way we walk/ The Banana Rap 

In The Groove 

Round and Round 

Your Imagination 

Reflect, Rewind and Relay 

Lower Key Stage 2

Mama Mia 


Three Little Birds 

 The Dragon Song 

Bringing Us Together 

Reflect, Rewind, Replay 

Upper Key Stage 2

​​​​​Livin’ On A Prayer 

 Classroom Jazz 1 

Make You Feel My Love 

 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 

 Dancing in The Street 

Reflect, Rewind and Replay