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In our last Ofsted inspection, Carlton was judged GOOD in February 2020.

Key statements:

Pupils are happy and proud to attend Carlton Primary School. They are safe because adults in school look after them well. The new headteacher, leaders and staff want all pupils to succeed. They help pupils to develop positive learning behaviours.

Personal development is a strength of the school. Pupils have many opportunities for leadership.

Teachers plan memorable experiences linked to what pupils are learning. This helps pupils to understand and remember more.

Teachers plan the early years curriculum thoughtfully. They adapt their planning to follow children’s interests. This helps children to learn across all areas of the curriculum.

Pupils behave very well most of the time, in and out of lessons. There is very little bullying. When it does occur, adults help pupils to resolve things. This helps pupils to be respectful and friendly to anyone who may be different to them in any way.

Leaders have made support for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) a priority. The special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) works closely with teaching assistants. They make sure that pupils with SEND get the extra help they need.


What do we need to work on?

Leaders have focused on the right priorities since the previous inspection. They know what they need to do next to bring about further improvements. Governors are knowledgeable and well informed. They provide appropriate challenge and support for school leaders.

Leaders need to continue with their plans to prioritise those subjects that have not yet been a focus for improvement.

Pupils do not always have sufficient opportunities to practise problem-solving and reasoning tasks unaided in mathematics. As a result, too few pupils achieve the higher standard in mathematics. Leaders should ensure that pupils have opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge to more complex tasks independently.

Visit the Ofsted website or download the full report below.