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School PE and sport

It is our aim at Carlton Primary school to provide and strengthen the fundamental skills that underpin physical activities and then consolidate these skills by giving them the experience of a variety of different sports. Through careful planning, we ensure that all children’s physical skills are gradually built upon as they move through the school and that all lessons are safely executed whilst maintaining an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. It is our aim to ensure that all children are challenged and that they succeed no matter their ability. Alongside this, we place a large emphasis on the learning skills that PE enhances, including resilience, collaboration and respect. PE teaches children to be fair, work together and to respect others. Such skills, we believe, strengthen character, raise self-esteem and self-confidence which are essential for your child’s development in the wider world.

We strive to provide quality teaching and coaching in both PE lessons as well as extra-curricular activities that are run on lunchtimes and afterschool. Furthermore, we encourage and aspire to provide all children with the experience of competition through links with other schools and organisations.

We carried out a survey with the School Council to find out;

'What is PE at Carlton Primary School?'

This is how the classes responded:

Cherry Class

PE at Carlton is fun because we get to play games that keep us fit and healthy. We love learning new games such as Scarcrow Tig, Bowling, The Bean Game, Rabbit Tig and throwing balls at the wall.

Crimson Class

PE at Carlton is exciting because we do fun games, hard work because it is breath taking and great because your bones are working and sometimes challenging.

Sunrise Class

PE at Carlton is fun, lots of exercise and enjoyable.

Monarch Class

PE at Carlton is really fun because there is always something for everyone.

Sutton Class

PE at Carlton is active, joyful and we like doing Bench Ball and team sports.

Timperley Class

PE at Carlton is extremely fun when we get the outdoor equipment out.

Tilden Class

PE at Carlton is fun because we get to try out new and exciting activities to keep us healthy and happy.

At the end of the Summer Term we received the Youth Sports Trust, Bronze Quality mark. This shows that PE is fantastic in our school!