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Our parents recently completed a survey for us and had some very positive things to say about their child's first term at Carlton Primary School.

Lower Foundation - Pre-school Year

We are very impressed with the Foundation Stage and he seems to enjoy his time. He says “it’s the best”.

She is really enjoying school and has settled very quickly. She has learnt lots in a short time and enjoys all the different activities.

The Evidence Me app is fantastic, it is great to know how they are doing.

He has had a wonderful start to Nursery. We always receive a warm welcome from the staff and the classroom looks ready for an exciting day ahead.


Upper Foundation - Reception Year

He loves coming to school and he enjoys learning, we never need to persuade him to read his book or do his homework because he wants to do it.  We could not be happier that he is at Carlton.

Thank you for making his first few weeks of full time school such an enjoyable experience.

He is very lucky to go to Carlton school. Fantastic Foundation, fantastic teachers, fantastic teaching.

His transition into Upper Foundation has been fantastic.

We are amazed at his progress since starting Royal class in September. He seems to be learning in such a range of different and fun ways.

It has been really pleasing and comforting, how quickly my child and the rest of the children seem to have adapted to school.  Everything seems really well organised and structured for them.

She seems to be enjoying being at school full time, she is always giddy to go on a morning.