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At Carlton we teach phonics using the Read Write Inc phonics programme.  This starts with 3 year olds who develop their listening and sound discrimination skills through games and stories. When the children are ready, they are introduced to letters and the sounds that they make using a special Nursery version of Read, Write Inc.

Children in years Reception, Year One and Year Two spend 30-45 minutes each day on phonics. There is a strong emphasis on fluent reading during these highly structured and effective lessons.

In Reception, your child will bring home a sound book, containing all the sounds that they have learnt so far. Once children move onto set 2 and 3 sounds within Read Write Inc, they will receive their set 2 and 3 sound book. Please help to develop your child's love of reading by spending 5 minutes each day working on their sounds and hearing them read to you. 

Children in Reception and KS1 will bring home a Read Write Inc book every Friday. This will be the one they have been working on throughout the week in their phonics groups. Please ensure you go over this with your children and keep it in their book bags at all times. This is in addition to their Bug Club books, which will also be changed every Friday. 

Please remember that there is also Bug Club online for your children to take part in some extra reading.

Tricky words are extremely important to practise for reading and you will find the different tricky words attached to this page. Please ensure the tricky words your child receives from school are practised daily.  The order of the tricky words go: red, yellow, green, blue, pink and then purple.

If you want to know more or to hear how to say some of the sounds, you will find a lot of useful information on the Ruth Miskin website: (Link to help with the pronunciation of the sounds.)

Set 1 sounds:

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Set 2 and 3 sounds:

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