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Spring 2: school closure

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello everyone! We made it to the end of term! Happy Easter!

TTRS winner for yesterday is Harvey - fantastic work. Spelling Shed leader so far is Isabelle! You have until Wednesday with these current spellings - keep going!

I've been very impressed with work that has been coming in so thank you to Isabelle, Jimmy and Ben Wilton.      

I loved the picture of the anatomy lesson that was sent in; I see a future doctor. 

And I loved this dragon - well done - a budding artist!

So, today I can finally reveal the answers to SPaG Emoji challenge. It was a tough one (especially questions 5). Who managed to get them all correct? Answers are below. Well done to all of you who gave it a go.

Answers to yesterday's maths challenge:


Task of the Day:

Don't forget to look out for some fun Easter activity ideas on the front page of the website to keep you busy and entertained over the holidays. When we come back after Easter, we will be trying Google Classroom - a new exciting adventure for us all.

I miss you all and please stay safe - listen to your parents or whoever is looking after you!

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Morning everyone. I know some of you will be tired after playing on TTRS so late; you were determined to win (so determined that I actually wanted you to win - maybe next time).

Yesterday's TTRS star of the day goes to Amelia who played 198 games. Well done - I bet your hands are hurting from that!

Spelling Shed leader so far is Guste who is on over 3,000,000 points. 

Has anyone had a go at the science experiments yet? Hope they worked and remember I'd love to see them. I know a lot of you are working hard at home so keep up the good work. 

Task of the Day:

Have a go at these maths challenges. You also have one more day to finish the SPaG Emoji Challenge before I reveal the answers tomorrow. Good luck.

Wednesday 1st March 2020

Morning everyone! Hope you are all ok. Lots of children to mention today. Firstly, Jimmy, I loved seeing your maths working out on Twitter; it made my day so keep them coming as I miss you all. 

Secondly, TTRS! Wow you guys are good. Although I am not so happy about the teachers losing, I can't help but feel extremely proud that four out of the top five children in the whole school are in Riverside. So a massive well done to Amelia, Guste, Jack and Theo. Dylan, you are inside the top ten - you all rock!!! Amelia, you also were the top scoring child from the class on TTRS for yesterday, followed by Harvey.

Yesterday's maths problem answers are below. How many of you got them right?

Task of the Day:

A few science experiments for you to try over the next few days. Don't forget, I'd love to see what you've been doing so either ask parents to Tweet @Carlton1876 or they can be emailed to Carlton enquiries which will get passed to me. Enjoy!!




Tuesday 31st March 2020

Well done to those children who are still working on the SPaG Emoji Challenge. The answers will be revealed on Friday to give you a little more time to get them all. I can see from Twitter that some children are working desperately hard on this challenge - well done! It's even got your parents engaged. I'd love to see more of you sharing your work as I'm really missing you all. Anna, I loved your football video; it really made me smile.

Yesterday's TTRS winner was Theo and I'd like to mention Guste who is top of the whole school leader board in the battle against the teachers. Just a warning though that Amelia is catching you up but no one is close to beating Mrs Jackson who is on over 10,000 points.

Amelia is in the lead with 11,174,382 points on Spelling Shed. You only have one more day of these spellings so please get on there and get scoring. 

Task of the Day:

Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday - another exciting week ahead. Massive congratulations to Dylan who was Friday's TTRS star of the day with a huge 171 games played! Miylie was Thursday's winner and a big shout out to Guste, Amelia, Jack, Dylan and Olive who all battled over the weekend to try to keep the children ahead of the teachers. 

Hope you are all hard at work learning your new spellings. Amelia is currently in the lead with a score of 8,138,694. Who can catch up with her?

Task of the Day: 

I hope your brains are engaged because it's a tough oe today; even my brain is struggling with some of them. 

English/SPaG Emoji Challenge.

Can you identify the English/SPaG/Grammar terminology from the emojis? See how many you can get correct. Good luck!


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and managed to get out into your gardens for little bit of sunshine yesterday. Sahara was yesterday's TTRS winner followed by  Jack so well done.

How did you get on with your task of the day? I hope you had many discussions about this with people in your house.

The science:

Animals need water to survive. Water is found on Earth’s surface in all three states: liquid, solid and gas. Ice and water vapour can both be changed into liquid water. Changes of state are reversible.

We are most familiar with animals that drink liquid water, including the ladybird. Some animals live in extreme environments where it is too hot or too cold to find liquid water on the surface. Some of these animals have adaptations (special features or behaviours) that help them change ice or water vapour into liquid water that they can drink.

Bactrian camels live in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. In the winter months, this is a frozen desert. Unlike other mammals, such as polar bears, the camels can quench their thirst by eating snow, without lowering their body temperature so much that they become ill.

Average rainfall in The Namib Desert is just 1 cm per year, making it one of the driest habitats on Earth. Fog-basking beetles have adaptations that allow them to harvest water vapour from the air. They climb sand dunes and stand with their bottoms higher than their heads. This puts them in the path of fog rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean. Tiny drops of water condense on the bumps on their wing cases, before rolling down the grooves towards the beetle’s mouth.

So that means the camel is the odd one out because it drinks frozen water (snow) as opposed to the beetle and ladybird who drink liquid water. Well done if you got it correct!

Task of the day:

Today, I'd like you to start a diary. This period of time will go down in history and if you keep a diary with a little bit added each day, it will be a historical primary resource. You can include your feelings, feelings of family members, statistics and quotes from the news. It is also a good opportunity to practise your writing skills. How many bits of punctuation can you include? How many different sentence starters can you use? Be creative! 

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Congratulations to Miylie who is yesterday's TTRS table topper. This morning, I have set your next spelling words on Spelling Shed; they are challenge words. Don't forget to ask someone at home to test you on last week's words. How many can you get right? Keep up the hard work guys - I know these are strange times for us all. 

Task of the Day:

Odd one out - think about the three animals in the picture. Which one is the odd one out and why? Think about appearance, what they might do and where they might be found. The answer will be revealed tomorrow. 

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning everybody. I'd love to see/hear about how all of your projects are going; I know some of you have been really busy with them.

Spelling Shed winner is still Nicole who is way ahead of the rest of you (come on guys, challenge yourselves and try to beat her). Isabelle is second and lots of you have high scores. Keep it up and look out for your new spelling list tomorrow. TTRS winner for yesterday is Dylan followed closely by Benjamin Widdowson. 

Task of the day:

Crafts - follow the link below and make yourself an Origami dog or a jumping frog. Enjoy. - dog (quite difficult) - dog (easier) - jumping frog (looks difficult but worth it)

Where did origami originate from and for what purpose?

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hi Riverside

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and are ready to get on with some learning today. Who did the Joe Wicks workout this morning to get you motivated and ready to work? 

Shout out to Jack and McKenzie who both completed TTRS over the weekend and Friday's TTRS winner was Jack again who beat Rebecca by only one game. Friday's Spelling Shed winner was Nicole with 14,016,984 points. Well done guys!

So today's task of the day is an arty one. Follow the links below and you have the choice of a unicorn or a dragon.

Remember, I'd love to see your drawings or any of the activities you've been doing at home so please ask mums and dads to tweet us. Tag us at @Carlton1876

Friday 20th March 2020

Yesterday's TTRS's winner was McKenzie who played 60 games!!! Nicole was Spelling Shed's winner with 7,367,840 points! Well done you two.

Now for yesterday's task of the day: when zoomed out, the image is of a ...

Race track ... who guessed it correctly?

So for today's task, since it's a nice day, I would like to find the perimeter (the distance all of the way around)of your garden. You can use a ruler, a tape measure or any thing else you have access to at home that will give you a rough measurement. If you don't have anything, maybe you could use an adult's shoe.

Good luck and happy Friday!

Thursday 19th March 2020

Well done to all of you who have been doing tasks on TTRS and Spelling Shed; don't forget that I can see who is working the hardest.

I can reveal that, currently, Jack is in the lead for TTRS having played 30 games and Isabelle for Spelling Shed with a whopping 2,293,552 points. Great work and keep it up everyone!

Task of the day!

This is a image super zoomed in. Can you guess what it is? The answer will be revealed tomorrow. 

Hi Riverside,

Mrs Cowan here. Hope you are all excitedly getting on with your daily tasks; I can't wait to see what you have been getting up to. I will be updating our class page with a task of the day to challenge you.  Keep checking for regular updates and remember to stay safe. See you all soon.

Task of the day:

Wednesday 18th March 2020: How many prime numbers can you remember up to 100? Time yourself to see how quickly you can write them down.

Spring 1

Our exciting new topic this half term is Groovy Greeks. We kick started this with topic with a performance of the Greek myth, Perseus and Medusa. We have also learnt lots of fascinating facts. Did you know the Greeks started the Olympics? Except the events were much more violent than they are now as they didn’t have rules.

In science, we are looking at the body and how it works. So far, we have looked at the circulatory system and we physically demonstrated how the oxygenated blood starts at the heart and gets pumped to different organs. On its way back to the heart, it is deoxygenated and that is why we can see blue veins through our skin. We can’t wait to learn more about how our amazing body works.

Alma has been the inspiration for our English this half term and we have used it to create descriptive but exciting pieces. So far we have set the happy-go-lucky mood that is at the beginning and described the action in slow –mo whilst building up the tension

Autumn 2

This half term, our topic is The Slave Trade and it has taken us on an emotional journey back in time. In English, we read Henry’s Freedom Box -based on a true story- and we used it to write diary entries from Henry’s point of view at various points in his life. We learnt a variety of new techniques such as parenthesis, the active and passive voice as well as modal verbs.

In our humanities lessons, we looked at historical events of the Slave Triangle (how, where and why it began) as well as events that took place before it was eventually abolished. Alongside this, we learnt about the geographical location of the main countries involved. We then went on to learn about the world’s different climate zones, longitude and latitude lines, continents and oceans. Did you know that the UK has a temperate climate? This means that is gets cool, wet winters and warm summers.

During Black History Week, we looked at inspirational black people. Our person was Paul Ince (the first black British football captain of all time). We collaborated and made a giant collage of him which we are quite proud of.

We have been looking at different forces in science. We looked at different surfaces and the effect they have on friction. We measured how much force was needed to pull an object across the carpet when lined with different materials (sandpaper, rubber, tin foil and felt) using Newton meters. We then looked at the variables and air resistance involved in length of time it takes for parachutes to fall to the ground.

Other exciting things we have done this half term include judo and Forest Schools.

Autumn 1

We have had an exciting first half term here in Riverside Royal Rabbits where our topic is ‘Digging up the Past’. This has taken us back 2.6 million years ago when stone was the predominant material used. We have learnt some fascinating facts about life back then compared it to our current lives. Alongside this, Year 6 have had a Stone Age experience day where they fully immersed themselves into the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods.

In English, we have been looking at dinosaurs and have used the film Jurassic World as a stimulus to write some amazing quests. We looked deeply into how to use pathetic fallacy to create suspense as well as other writing techniques to impact the audience. We then used our own imaginations to write nail-biting endings to the quest.

Within our reading lessons, we have studied the author Rudyard Kipling who has written many famous stories including the Jungle Book. We have analysed this story and used it to practice our reading strategies including inference, breakdown and fix and retrieval. Although this was a challenging text, we have thoroughly enjoyed it and want to read more. Next, we will be looking at Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If.

We still have a few weeks left before half term and are looking forward to the exciting things ahead. Year 5 have Herd Farm residential, year 6 have bikeability and we all have an engineering day. Fun packed half term!