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Welcome to Ruby Class

In Ruby class we are the... 

Resourceful Ruby Rhinos

Our classroom is a safe and happy place. We know it is important to look after our classroom and all the lovely things inside it. We remember to respect other learners around school and always try to use our manners.


Just a little reminder...

Our library day is on Thursday

Please can you make sure that your reading book is in your book bag everyday.

PE Kits - Please make sure both indoor and outdoor PE kits are in school all week

Homelearning - Mathletics is set on Friday and is available to be completed up until the following Wednesday.

Summer 1 2019 - The Lighthouse

This half term we will be exploring 'The Lighthouse'.

Watch this space for more exciting learning!

Spring 2 2019 - Where the wild things are!

This half term we have been learning about Kenya. We have been comparing Nairobi to Leeds and how they are different in many ways but also very similar.

We have been looking at some of the animals that live in Kenya and taking a deeper look into their habitats.

Spring 1 2019 - The Real Heroes - Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

Our topic this half term is all about the NHS and the fabulous work that they do!

We can't wait to share with you all the fantastic learning that will take place over the next few weeks!

Autumn 2 2018 - The Great Fire of London

Our main topic this half term is all about The Great Fire of London.

We began our topic with an creative afternoon making our own Tudor Houses. We explored how houses in 1666 were very different to those today.

We have also spent time looking back at the events that led up to the great fire and what happened during the few days it was burning.

Last week we travelled back in time to the Great Fire using our school green screen. Take a look below at one of our videos.



This week, we have been learning all about the bakery on Pudding Lane. We have been using scales and weighing ingredients to make yummy bread buns!

Autumn 2 2018 - Centenary

This week, we have been looking back and remembering the fallen soldiers of WW1.

We spent time looking back at what life would have been like in the trenches, the meaning behind the poppy and why this year is particularly special!

We have written some lovely acrostic poems for the heroes and thought of what questions we would have asked the soldiers.

We also read the book, Where the poppies now grow by Hilary Robinson.


Autumn 1 2018 - Into the Woods

Our next topic was all about traditional fairy tales and familiar stories.

We began our topic by reading the story of the Three Little Pigs! We then went outside to build the pigs a new house.

We then spent time writing recounts about what we did.

Week 3 - A letter from PC Pete

This week, we have received a letter from PC Pete. In the letter, he states that he has had a visit from a very sad pig, who has had a bad experience with the Big Bad Wolf.

PC Pete asked for our help to write a Police Recount of the events that had happened over the weekend.

To make things fair, we also listened to the Wolf's version of events! It was very interesting!

To help us with our story telling skills, we had a very exciting visit from The Rainbow Factory. Check out twitter to see what we got up to!


Autumn 1 2018 - All about me

Our first topic this half term is called 'All about me'.

We have started our topic by finding out what it takes to be a great artist.

We have started to look at the work of a very famous artist, Pablo Picasso.