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Welcome to Ruby Class

Spring 2: school closure

Hi Ruby class,

Miss Jackson and Mrs Weaver here. Hope you are all excitedly getting on with your daily tasks; I can't wait to see what you have been getting up to. I will be updating our class page with a task of the day to challenge you.  Keep checking for regular updates and remember to stay safe. See you all soon.

Task of the day

Monday 30th March 2020: Good morning everyone! I hope you've had a lovely weekend with your family. Well done to the 11/30 that have been on bug club over the weekend and 9/30 that have been on TTRS. We have a very close competition going on between the teachers and the children on Times Table Rockstars. Let's see who wins!

Today I would like you to have a go at making some silly sentences. You need to think of a person, a place and why they went there. Write these ideas down on pieces of paper and then jumble them up to make some silly sentences.

Such as: Miss Jackson went to the zoo because she wanted to ride a unicorn.

Ask your parents to email in the funniest sentence you can make and see if you can make me laugh! Don't forget capital letters, full stops and a conjunction.

Well done to everyone who has sent me their silly sentences today! They were absolutely brilliant! They have certainly put a smile on my face and I hope you enjoyed writing them. Harrison I can't believe I swallowed a bone and Mrs Weaver had to eat worms!

Rory, Evan, Jacob and Harrison have sent me some of their wonderful home learning today. Please see below to find out what they have been up to.

I love to see your happy, smiley faces and the wonderful learning you are doing at home so please keep sending me lots of things to look at and I will try and put them on our page for everyone to see.

Tuesday 31st March: As today is the last day of March I would like you to write a recount of the month. You can tell me all about the places you have visited, exciting things you have done and all about what you have been doing at home. 

Well done to this Ruby Rainbow who read the book 'Amazing Trees' on bug club and then decided to create her own using twigs and leaves from her garden. It's lovely to see your happy, smiley face!

I have really enjoyed reading Rory and Harrison's writing today about all what they have been doing throughout March.

Wednesday 1st April 2020: As it is April fools day I would like you to research where this day came from and some ideas of how to play tricks on others. If you happen to play a prank on a member of your household, I would love for you to write about it and perhaps draw me a picture. (Remember don't be too mean!) Miss Cheetham just told me that one year she made her daughter a chocolate apple and when she bit into it she realised that it was actually an onion inside! 

Rory found out some excellent facts about April Fools Day. Well done!

Thursday 2nd April 2020: Today's task is to create your own story using the story starter below.

Well done to Max who wrote an interesting story about a witch.

Friday 3rd April 2020: Well done to 15/30 children in Ruby class who have been on Bug Club and an even bigger well done to Harrison who has read the most books this week.

I really enjoyed the TTRS competition between the children and the teachers. The teachers won this time so let's see if we can get all the children in Ruby class taking part next time to increase your chances of winning.

Well done to Joe in year 1 and Rory in year 2 for achieving the highest amount of points on spelling shed this week.

Today's task: I would like to see what you are doing each day. Can you make me a daily timetable to show me what you do at a certain time at home?

For example:

9am - I complete Joe Wicks' workout and it makes me feel energised for the day.

10am - I complete my daily task and then ask my mum to send it to Miss Jackson or upload it to twitter.

Who joined in with the Joe Wicks PE lesson this morning? Miss Jackson and her son did and we are going to try and do this every morning at 9am.

We would love to see what you have been doing at home. If you would like to share your learning then ask a grown up to take a picture of your work and post it on our twitter page or email

Remember to keep smiling, enjoy a good book and have fun whilst learning!

Over the Easter holidays there will be no daily task but there is a list of Easter activities that everyone can take part in on the learning at Carlton page.

I hope you all have a brilliant Easter!


In Ruby class we are the... 

Rocking Ruby Rainbows


Our classroom is a safe and happy place. We know it is important to look after our classroom and all the lovely things inside it. We remember to respect other learners around school and always try to use our manners.

Just a little reminder...

Our library day is on Thursday.

Please can you make sure that your reading book is in your book bag everyday.

PE Kits - Please make sure both indoor and outdoor PE kits are in school all week

Spring 2

All aboard!

This half term we will be learning all about the history of trains. We are very excited about our trip to York Railway Museum where will have the chance to look inside a variety of trains and learn all about them.

Spring 1

This half term we will become explorers and learn all about the continents and the oceans. We are really excited about our den building day where we will be learning how to create structures to live in if we were out in the wilderness.

In English we have been learning how to write instructions. In DT we learnt how to make Cinnamon crunch toast and we then wrote our own instructions to show how we made it.

You will need:

Firstly chop the pear into slices.

Then toast the bread in the toaster.

After that spread butter evenly over the toast and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top.

Next place your toast under the grill until the sugar starts to bubble.

Finally top with your favourite fruit and eat it whilst it is still warm.

Ruby class really enjoyed making their cinnamon crunch toast.

Autumn 2 2019

'The House'

Our next topic is all about our surrounding area. We will be learning about the area which we live in and features of a map. We are very excited about our upcoming trip to Morrisons to find out all about different types of food and where it all comes from.


The whole of KS1 has a fantastic trip to Morrisons in Rothwell. As we have been learning all about our local area we walked to Morrisons and managed to spot lots of physical and human features. When we arrived at Morrisons we started at the fish counter and learnt lot of interesting facts about the different fish that they sell. We then moved onto the fruit and vegetable aisle where we learnt about unusual fruit and we were even allowed to taste mango. After that we went to the cheese aisle where we found out about how cheese is made and what their most popular cheese is.

PSHE Autumn 2

In PSHE we have been learning about keeping our bodies healthy. We have found out about the different types of foods that we need to eat and why it is important that we are active. We also learnt about germs and how to correctly wash our hands.

On Wednesday 4th December 2019 Ruby class were visited by Leeds Mindfulness Co-operative. They learnt how to focus their breathing and what to do in a stressful situation to calm themselves.

Ruby Year 1 have learnt all about their senses and how important they are. They also learnt what it is like to not be able to use one of your senses.

In DT we are designing a salad. Our design brief was to make something bright, colourful and healthy. In one of our DT lessons we tasted a variety of fruit and vegetables to decide which would go well in our salad. The children thought that the pineapple and satsumas went well together as they were both sweet and juicy.

Autumn 1 2019

This half term out topic is Kings, Queens and Castles. Keep checking our page to see all the amazing learning that we are doing.

In RE we have been learning about welcoming people. This week we learnt about how babies are welcomed to a family and how they are given names. We learnt that in Islam babies are named on the 7th day after birth and their names have been chosen for a reason. The children in Ruby class brought in a picture of themselves as a baby and we had to guess who was who.

In maths we have been looking at place value. We have been breaking two digit numbers down into tens and ones. We have been using place value charts and part-part whole models.

Hello Yellow!

Ruby class came to school on the 10th October 2019 wearing something yellow to raise awareness on mental health. In PSHE we discussed what mental health is and how we could help someone if they were feeling a little bit down. We had an excellent discussion and the children came up with some amazing ways they could help others.

Harvest October 2019

Ruby class were very excited about getting into the kitchen to cook our vegetable dish for Harvest. We decided to cook a roasted vegetable tart. We used a variety of vegetables to make the tart bright and colourful. We practiced many skills whilst making the dish such as chopping, slicing and peeling. We hope Mrs Frost enjoys sampling our dish as much as we did making it!