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Inclusion at Carlton Primary School -Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, attainment, ability or background.             

This school has an inclusive ethos and works in partnership with children, parents and other agencies to provide the best possible educational outcomes. We have high expectations of all our children and where needed, strive to intervene with support at the earliest possible stage.


Kinds of Special Educational Needs that are provided for at Carlton Primary School

The school provides support for pupils across the 4 areas of need as laid out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014 :

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/or physical needs


Information about the school’s Policies for identification and assessment of pupils with SEN

Pupils   are   identified  as   having  SEND,  and their needs assessed, through :

  • information    passed    on     from    other Nurseries/Foundation stage/ key stages and previous schools;
  • Baseline testing and progress data;
  • Feedback from teaching staff and observations;
  • Pupil Premium and other interventions not showing impact;
  • Referrals from parents
  • Please see the school policy for SEN


Evaluating the effectiveness of the provision made for pupils with SEN

Impact of interventions and support completed at least termly and adaptations to provision made in light of these findings. Interventions are tracked using provision mapping software. Progress and evaluation is reported to the Governor with responsibility for SEN.


Arrangements for assessing & reviewing pupils’ progress towards outcomes, including opportunities available to work with parents & pupils as part of this assessment and review

These arrangements include :

  • data tracking for pupil progress using provision maps;
  • support plan and ECHP reviews;
  • observations and follow up;
  • Parents meetings.


The school’s approach to teaching pupils with SEN

Provision for SEN pupils includes :

  • quality first teaching, with appropriate differentiation in place;
  • extra adult support in classrooms where appropriate;
  • personalised provision through time limited programmes;
  • personalised provision through adapted resources and interventions.


How adaptations are made to the curriculum and the learning environment of pupils with SEN

The curriculum/learning environment may be adapted by:

  • groupings that target specific levels of progress;
  • differentiated resources and teaching styles;
  • appropriate choices of texts to suit the learner;
  • access arrangements for tests and or examinations;
  • additional adult support.
  • Care suite accessed in main building, Lift access to hall, changing facilities in Foundation stage


Additional support for learning that is available to pupils with special educational needs



Pupils are well supported by:

  • The school has 3 1:1 support assistants
  • Speech and language therapy accessed in school
  • Trained Learning support Assistants who deliver small group and individual interventions for children requiring speech and language support
  • Staff trained in Lego Therapy run small groups
  • Trained Autism lead teacher – Rebecca Weaver
  • Sensory space for children to access
  • Where it is necessary to apply for additional funds this is accessed through top up funding provided by Leeds City Council (FFI)


Enabling pupils with SEN to engage in the activities of the school

The school is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Disabled toilet facilities accessed in the care suite and changing facilities are provided in the Foundation unit.


Support that is available for improving the social emotional and mental health of pupils with special educational needs

Pupils are well supported by :

  • An anti-bullying policy that is implemented across the school and supported by all members of staff
  • Use of Mindmate resources and lessons
  • A Learning Mentor that runs small group interventions
  • Pupil Voice
  • Programmes such as nurture groups, anger-management, self esteem building
  • Targeted support for individual pupils
  • Mental Health Lead


Name and contact details of SEN coordinator


Mrs Rebecca Weaver

Telephone Number 0113 3783036


Name and contact details of SEN governor

Mrs Petzold

School Telephone Number 0113 3783040


Information about the expertise and training of staff in relation to children and young people with SEN, including how specialist expertise will be secured

Audit of staff expertise in SEN undertaken regularly

  • SENCo has NASENCo qualification
  • Effective use of adult support for the curriculumspecifically English, Reading and Mathematics
  • individual training re : SLCN, ADHD, ASD, Code of Practice, specific learning difficulties, meeting the needs of SEN children
  • Local Authority training programmes in specific areas of need for identified members of staff

Specialist expertise engaged from external services –

STARs, Mindmate, SEN and Inclusion team, Educational Psychology support, Team Teach, Speech and language Complex Needs Team


How equipment to support children and young people with special educational needs will be secured

If a child requires specialist equipment in school, this is purchased using funds designated to support SEND.


The arrangements for consulting parents of children with special educational needs about, and involving such parents in, the education of their child

  • Parents Evenings
  • Sharing   of   information   on   secure   online  mapping software
  • Additional meetings undertaken termly
  • Telephone calls


The arrangements for consulting young people with special educational needs about and involving them in, their education

  • Pupil passports
  • School Council
  • Annual Reviews
  • Personal Interviews


Arrangements made by the governing body in relation to complaints.


Please see the school’s complaint guidance




How the governing body ensures that the needs of pupils with special educational needs are met and in supporting the families of such pupils

The governing body ensures implementation of all policies related to SEN and reports annually on the success of the policy. There is a named designated SEN governor. The following policies are on the school website and reflect the school’s commitment to the inclusion, safety and well – being of our children

  • Inclusion policy
  • Behaviour and bullying policy
  • Child protection policy
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Equalities policy
  • Health and safety policy


Contact details of support services for parents of children with SEN


0113 378 5020



The school’s arrangements for supporting pupils with special educational needs in a transfer between phases of education or in preparation for adulthood and independent living

  • Close links between key stages within the school
  • Visits to other Early Year providers
  • Meetings and transfer of information between the school and transfer to High school


Where to find information on the published Leeds Local Authority Local Offer

Please click here for details of the Leeds Local Offer

Reviewed September 2021

Please read this report in conjunction with these related Carlton Primary School policies

SEND Policy

Behaviour & Bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Equalities Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Admission Policy