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Help your child to become a Spelling Champion!

Moving on from phonics, we teach two separate branches of spelling. 'Spelling Shed' lessons follow a scheme, focussing on spelling patterns and rules to support children with their everyday spelling. Children also have a login to Spelling Shed which they can access online to complete games and challenges.

National Curriculum 'Most commonly misspelt words' are also specifically taught to each phase. Pupils are screened to assess ability and then sets of words are worked on in weekly sessions and taken home to practise. To access the National Curriculum year group spelling lists please see the attached document below.

Top tips to help your child learn their spellings

  • Identify root words e.g. photograph, photosynthesis.)
  • Look for word families (e.g. rhyming words that are spelt the same – came/lame/same)
  • Break words into syllables (e.g. re-mem-ber) and affixes (e.g. dis + satisfy)
  • Use a mnemonic (e.g. necessary has one collar and two sleeves) and make up your own mnemonics!
  • Give lots of praise for good guesses.
  • Have fun together!

Some further strategies are attached below.