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What is Sports Premium?

Research has proven the numerous benefits of physical activity. Some of these include: increasing self-esteem and emotional wellbeing, improving sleep and lowering anxiety and depression. Furthermore, children who are more active are happier and more resilient. The wide range of research conducted all conclude that physical activity improves behaviour as well as academic achievement. Allowing and encouraging children access to enough activity is a monumental challenge which led to the School Sport and Activity Action Plan set out by the government. This is a commitment to ensure children have access to at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day with a recommendation that 30 minutes of this occurs within school time. The sports premium funding aims at helping schools achieve this and to create sustainable improvements to physical education, physical activity and sport.

What impact has it had on Carlton Primary School children?

At Carlton, the money has been used in a variety of exciting ways to improve physical activity, physical education and sport.


The PE curriculum is now engaging and progressive from Foundation Stage to year 6 due to the introduction of REAL PE. This is incredibly important to ensure the skills learnt through indoor PE are built upon throughout the years then applied to different sports in outdoor PE. REAL PE also emphasises and incorporates the mental characteristics of sport that children are taught to be aware of, evaluate and apply to different situations.


The improvements to the playground to include a Daily Mile track encourages the children to be active during their playtimes as well as their afternoon mile dedicated time. The installation of the multigym has also created enthusiasm for physical activity and very happy children.


With the membership to Active Schools, the children are open to various opportunities to participate as well as compete in different events and competitions across Leeds.

How is swimming included at Carlton?

In year 3, the children attend fun, weekly swimming lessons including self-rescue lessons. The children who do not achieve being able to swim 25m competently, being able to swim a range of strokes competently or perform safe, self-rescues then go swimming again in year 5.


For a full breakdown of the spends, evaluation, sustainability and impact for 2019-2020 as well as the planned spends for 2020-2021, please see the attached documents below.