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Sports Funding 

The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education( PE) and sport in Primary Schools. This funding- provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport is allocated to Primary School budgets. The funding must be spent on sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and Sport.

Possible uses for the funding include:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with Primary teachers when teaching PE.
  • Supporting and engaging the least active children through new or additional targeted Change4Life clubs.
  • Paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport.
  • Providing cover to release Primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport.
  • Running sport competitions, or increasing pupils’ participation in the School Games.
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport.
  • Providing places for pupils on after school sports clubs and holiday clubs.
  • Pooling the additional funding with that of other local schools.
  • Increasing the physcial activity opportuinities at playtimes and lunchtimes.
  • Membership of the Leeds Active Schools.
  • School Sports Partnership work with the Rodillian Academy.

At Carlton Primary School we already have a wide range of sports opportunity for children. We have drawn up plans to enhance our sports provision using this new additional funding from the government. 

PE Grant Funding Expenditure 2016-17

Last year the Sports Premium was £9310.  Please see below for details of how the funding was spent to improve the sporting facilities for our children.

  • Membership of the ‘Leeds Active Sports Programme’ which gives access to both staff training and pupil participation in block sessions of sports many of which culminate in interschool tournaments in a wide variety of new sports eg triathlon, water-polo and dodge-ball.
  • New athletics equipment including reverser board, 2 speed bounce mats, shot putts and a vertical jump board so that more children can access these pieces of equipment and have more chance to practise using correct equipment before the indoor athletics tournament making us a more competitive team.
  • New tennis, badminton and lacrosse equipment to add diversity to our PE lessons and improve fundamental striking skills.
  • Use of 2 external coaches who have provided an increase of our extra-curricular programme which has now given every year group the opportunity to participate in an extra-curricular club from UF to Y6 which we have never offered before.
  • Transportation such as min buses and coaches to increase our participation in more competition and sporting experiences than ever before!
  • Updated the general equipment store to make sure resources were available and plentiful for curriculum lessons.
  • New goal posts and basketball posts to extend the use of our multi-sports court during lunch and playtimes.
  • Teaching release time to allow the PE leader to spend time with each phase to model the planning teaching and assessment of PE.

We fully endorse the aim of the Leeds Active Schools’ Service  ‘ To promote and develop, through collaboration and partnership, a sustainable system for PE, Sport and Physical Activity that enriches the lives of all children and young people’ 


Area of Spend


Sports Coaches


Transport to Events


Equipment and Resources


Leeds Active Schools Membership






(£2075 to carry to 2017/18)


Impact of grant funding across 2016-17 academic year at Carlton Primary School 

Staff Training 

  • Mrs McGuire, our school sports leader, has been able to spend time with each age phase this year to ensure that planning, teaching and assessment of PE has a strong focus on development of skills.  All teaching staff are now much more confident in the delivery of a high quality PE curriculum.
  • Two teachers have taught extra-curricular netball to a high standard in partnership with Helen Holdsworth  who is our area School Sports Leader. Teachers have reported that their confidence has improved in the teaching of specific PE strands and this is evident in lesson observations.  The new permanent nets in the Multi-Sports court have also significantly helped.

Physical Education Lessons

  • This year in July our school regained the Sainsburys School Games GOLD quality mark in recognition of our high profile PE teaching and learning.  This builds on last year’s gold award and is down to the enormous level of participation we have seen this year from our children.
  • All our children continue to receive two compulsory hours of PE each week. In addition further development of our outdoor learning facilities means that physical learning permeates across the curriculum, children are often seen dashing through the grounds in a maths quiz activity! 
  • Our whole school daily Wake and Shake sessions are now led by Young Sports leaders in Year 6. The music and choreography come from the children themselves who work with the class teachers to create entertaining and challenging routines.
  • New equipment has enabled the children to develop specific skills rather than focussing on a particular sport.  This has been evident in striking skills with new resources for tennis, badminton and lacrosse.

Curriculum enrichment and sporting activities

  • A focused Sports Day week held in July 2017 for all children across the full school included an opening ceremony in which the Olympic values were celebrated aligning with new curriculum which encompasses the whole person; positive attitudes and social development  as well as being physically literate. 
  • School extra-curricular clubs this year have included:  Football, Athletics, Cross Country Running, Netball, Multi-sports and a Dance club for Upper Foundation Stage children.  The sports premium has helped to fund coaches to make sure that every year group had access to a sports club from UFS to Y6 at some point in the year.
  • The goal posts and basketball nets in the multi-sports court have provided children with a permanent resource to broaden their scope for lunchtime and playtime sporting activities.

Inter school competitions

  • Children have successfully competed in football, netball, athletics, cross country, rugby, water polo, triathlon and dodge-ball tournaments.  Success in events such as Athletics and Rothwell Inter School Sports has improved this year thanks to the new Athletics equipment.
  • The sports premium has helped to pay for the use of mini buses to transport children to and from sporting events.  This has enabled us to enter into many more events this year.

Feedback from children and parents

  • Mrs McGuire met with the School Council to receive feedback from their classmates who said that they loved their PE lessons and particularly enjoyed trying new activities. In response we developed a new format for Sports Day to make the event bigger with more participation from the children.
  • We have used parental information to build a data base of the physical ‘out of school’ learning which children regularly participate in with their families. We are using this data to build on the breadth of experiences and activities we offer to children in the future, such as possible ‘Cheer Leading’ delivered by Leeds Rhinos!  

Imoroved Sports Grounds

  • We are in negotiation with parks and countryside planning department regarding school and community joint use of a local field and fencing construction. This is a long term project. 

Proposed PE Grant Funding Expenditure 2017-2018

  • Renew Membership of the ‘Leeds Active Sports Programme’ which gives access to both staff training and pupil participation in block sessions of sports many of which culminate in interschool tournaments.
  • Release our PE coordinator to plan further units of work with staff across school and deliver outstanding demonstration lessons in PE.
  • New and enhanced resources for all stages of skills development in the Primary curriculum.
  • Exploring effective collective use of Sports coaches who can work across the Cluster of Schools alongside teachers delivering high quality sport to children and also developing teaching staff skills. 
  • Continued support with transport costs to get children to and from sporting fixtures.
  • Continued pursuit of our long term plans to improve sports facilities with the use of a grassed pitch.
  • Installation of a scooter/bike shed so that children can scoot to school.
  • Further funding for sports coaches to provide extra physical activity at lunchtimes.
  • Purchase of further PE kit and tracksuits for children to wear at inter school events.
  • Purchase of a permanent outdoor store for PE equipment.
  • Replenish lunchtime PE activity equipment.