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Mission Statement


At Carlton we work together to make the best of ourselves and of each other for today and for the future.

Stakeholders' Curriculum Vision

(devised in full Stakeholder Training Day)

The children who come to Carlton Primary School are confident, happy, individuals, who are diverse, motivated and ‘need to know why’.  They feel safe to learn and enthusiastically explore. They are living busy lives where they do not always have the opportunity to be nurtured in imaginative and collaborative play.  Some children are challenged to deal with conflicting boundaries between home and school.

The world in which they will live and grow is changing rapidly and driven by technology.  Some of the jobs they will do as adults may not exist yet. They will face the challenges of living in an increasingly fast paced world and in a way that protects and preserves the environment.  Each and every child deserves quality learning experiences where they can flourish and achieve their highest potential to move forward as confident members of our community and wider society.

Our parents want their children to be safe, happy and work hard.  They want them to have a secure understanding of the basic skills of numeracy and literacy whilst also experiencing a broad, inspiring education enriched with extra-curricular activities.

Our governors are keen for children to be an important part of the local community, they want them to achieve and enjoy in a safe environment and also make a positive contribution to the wider world.

Our community stakeholders believe that personal attributes, such as respect, empathy and cultural values are central to developing the children into responsible citizens.

Our children tell us that they learn best in practical, active and fun ways.  They say that learning together in pairs and groups helps them to be more confident.  Our children clearly understand the benefits of a healthy life style.  They understand that if they try their best they will succeed.

As professionals we believe that every child is unique and deserves to feel happy and safe in our school environment. We are committed to teach and nurture the ‘whole’ child, continuously striving to inspire and motivate them to have a thirst for life-long learning

Therefore we will teach our children:

  • to be independent and confident learners
  • to be literate and numerate
  • to confidently use technology
  • the skills to become confident decision makers, take risks and manage failure
  • to understand and respect others
  • how to learn and communicate effectively
  • to express themselves creatively
  • to be sociable and caring young people

So our Curriculum will:

  • be underpinned by rigorous, systematic teaching of key skills
  • be creative, exciting, broad and effective
  • be full of awe and wonder
  • will promote outdoor learning and first hand experiences
  • be adaptable, meaningful and relevant to their evolving lives