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Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Sunrise.

Lovely to see lots of you logging onto bug club and doing lots of reading. This is a message just to say that over the Easter holidays there will be no tasks posted on here. Have you seen all of the Easter activities on the learning@carlton page? There is lots on there to keep you busy!

I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a fantastic Easter break, you have all earned it. I am disappointed that we couldn't do lots of Easter activities together but hopefully we will be back in school in the not too distant future.

Stay safe and look after your families.

Happy Easter :-)

Miss Dobbins xx


Wednesday 1st April 2020

It's April and it's April fools day. Has anyone played any tricks?

I hope that you are all well and cracking on with your home learning. Thank you to Isla, Florence and Harry who have shared work with me on their parent's twitter account. I absolutely love seeing what you have been up to so please keep them coming.

Today I would like you to write some addition and subtraction stories. Maybe even your parent/carer could write one for you to solve... here is mine:

Sunrise class are selling buns to raise money for resources in their classroom. They sell 23 to the teachers, 41 to parents and 13 to other pupils in school. How many buns do they sell all together? 77 buns

23 + 41 + 13 = 77

I really am missing you all very much! Stay safe and speak soon,

Miss Dobbins xx

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello Sunrise!

Got a few more shoutouts today, here goes...

Well done to Erin, Harry, Benjamin, Noah, William and Dan completing more that 50 quizzes on Bug Club. You are making me so proud. Amazing. Benjamin is way ahead with 126! Well done my superstars.

On TTRS Harry is the highest scorer in our class in 66th place. Come on Sunrise, you know what to do. Well done to Harry in the Teacher vs Student battle also who has scored an amazing 1993 and Florence who has worked hard and scored 1266.

On Spelling Shed I'm afraid Sunrise have been knocked out of the top 10. Well done to Will who is in 6th out of the whole school, everyone else can we help Will out and hopefully get Sunrise back in that top 10 by Friday?

Today's challenge is to write a story... you have 3 story starters to choose from.

1. I was digging around the attic and found a pair of magic glasses. It was incredible what I could see with them....

2. I found a magic seed and when I planted it...

3. The postman arrived with a box so big it wouldn't fit trough the door. When I opened it....

Happy writing.

Miss Dobbins x

Monday 30th March 2020

Hello Sunrise, new week and new opportunities!

I'm afraid that we are sliding down the tables on TTRS, spelling shed and Bug Club. I only have 3 shout outs and they seem to be to the same children everyday. Well done Will for your work on spelling shed, well done Benjamin for your work on Bug club and well done Harry for your work on TTRS. You 3 are making me very proud and your hard work has been noticed. Girls... the boys have overtaken you and are doing most of the online learning at the moment. 

Make sure that you are doing your daily journals and practising for your spelling test on Friday. This week I would like you to collect some data and produce a bar chart. This could be anything you like, for example different colour cars on your street or people's favourite animals. 

Have a great day and I will check in tomorrow.

Miss Dobbins x

Friday 27th March 2010

Good morning!

Same shout outs today but I will keep it up to show how proud I am. Benjamin, Noah and Eva- my little superstars! I can see all the work you have been doing on bug club, keep it up, I am very proud.

Rory and Will, my super spellers and have been top all week. Keep it up you two, well done!

TTRS champion is Harry, well done you!!! 

Everyone else, I would love to give you a shout out, you know what you need to do! Come on Sunrise, we could be the class at the top of every table!! 

Please keep up with the Jane Considine work, your online learning, Joe Wicks P.E lessons and all the other tasks you have been set.

Keep shining bright, I am missing you all very much. Have a fabulous weekend! I will write to you again on Monday. Stay safe.

Miss Dobbins xx

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello my super little sunrise sunshines!

Today's shout outs... Well done Rory for smashing it on Spelling shed. Noah, Eva and Benjamin, I can see you have been working really hard on Bug Club, well done and last shout out to Rory, Harry and Florence for your hard work on TTRS. Everybody else, remember I am checking, I want to give shout outs to more of you so keep working hard and checking back on here.

I hope you are all well and enjoying some time in the sunshine in your gardens, remember it is important to keep yourself and your brain active. This weather is a great opportunity to get outside in your gardens and breathe in some fresh air.

Today I would like you to do some history research for me. Can you find out who the 'Dam Busters' were? I would also like you to find out who was the prime minister(s) during WW2? Make sure you write this information down and bring it into school when we come back.

I would also like you to be scientists and answer the following questions:

What is electricity? How is electricity created? Can you make a list of the things in your house that are powered by electricity?

That's a lot of work for you to be getting on with super stars! Keep busy and I will check in again soon with some more tasks.

Miss Dobbins xx

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Happy Wednesday Sunrise.

Well done to Eva and Evie-Mae scoring some points for the girls, especially on Bug Club, come on girls, help them out! I am tracking all learning and can see who is and who isn't doing it.

Today I would like you to do some art. I know we started our poppy field paintings and unfortunately have not been able to finish them yet, today I would like you to either draw or paint a poppy field and ask your parent/carer if you can share this with our school page on Twitter.

I also have this week's spellings. You have until next Friday to learn them and then test yourself or see if your parent/carer will test you, good luck.

1. address    2. answer    3. build     4. occasion    5. particular    6. through   7. thought    8. minute   9. mention    10. promise

I am missing you all and can't wait until we can all be back in class and learning together.

Speak soon,

Miss Dobbins :-)

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning Sunrise :-)

I have been checking who has been logging on to do their home learning and I can say that the boys so far are winning. Well done boys! Come on girls, you need to catch up.

I hope that you are all well and staying home as much as you can.

Today I would like you to start writing a daily journal about what you are doing each day. In years to come children will be learning about these times in their history lessons and you are living through it. As some of you have brought in war time items that your grandparents have kindly let you borrow, your grand children may ask you if they can take their journal into show their class! I would also love to see these when we are able to come back to school.

Parents/carers please check out the following website for some fantastic maths lessons and resources

I will check in again tomorrow. 

Miss Dobbins :-)

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello my Sunrise Super Stars.

I hope that you are all well and keeping your brains busy with your home learning. Please continue to work through the activities in your home learning packs and use the links that have been sent.

The Training Space (on Youtube) have a lovely English lesson everyday that uses FANTASTICS. Today's is based around a mini Pixar film called The Blue Umberella. The lessons are live everyday at 9.45am but you can follow them in your own time. Jane Considine is a lovely teacher and I know you will enjoy these writing activities.

Also Joe Wicks is doing a P.E lesson from 9am each day. It is important to keep our body and mind active.

Speak soon,

Love Miss Dobbins