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Hello Sunrise class!

Spring 2

Sunrise class started Spring 2 celebrating British science week. We had a wonderful week researching influential scientists, designing our own boats, creating straw aeroplanes, building terrific towers and making our own lab coats. We had so much fun and we learnt so much!









Spring 1

Sunrise class returned to online learning in Spring 1 and they worked so hard. They were very resilient from start to finish and gave all their learning 100%.  In English, we focused on Amazing Aliens and designed and created our own stories which were fantastic. In Art, we looked at the history of the artist L.S Lowry and how to use perspective when drawing. Please see below to view our brilliant street art based on L.S Lowry.











Autumn 2

This half term our topic will be 'Why is the Egypt called the gift of the Nile?' We will be learning all about Ancient Egypt. This is such a fascinating topic and I know that the children will love it. We will be linking it to our previous topic of rivers and finding out why so many Egyptians settled by the river Nile. We will be looking at the lives the Egyptians led and having ago at creating some of their jewellery pieces using clay modelling.