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Spring 2 2020 - School Closure


Morning Supreme Class!!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are keeping safe! Did you all enjoy the sunshine last week? Who played outside in the garden?

How did you get on with last week's challenges? I have loved seeing more of the posts on Evidence me of your fabulous learning! Keep them coming!

Bye for now and remember to keep safe and keep smiling!!


Week 3 - Challenge of the day

Monday 30th March 2020 - Have any of you been doing the lego challenge? How about try the one today if not? "You enter a contest to build the tallest tower. Will you Win?". Send me pictures on Evidence Me I would love to see!!

Free Printable 30-Day LEGO Challenge (instant download ...

Week 2

Friday 27th March 2020 - Teach your family the weather song...'What is the weather like today?' Discuss the weather and draw a picture of it. Which is your favourite type of weather? Why?

Thursday 26th March 2020 - Can you work out your doubles to 10? How about trying using some objects from outside to do this with this lovely weather we're having?

Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Can you practise balancing on some different things? Time how long can you balance on different things? Are some easier to balance on that others?

Tuesday 24th March 2020- How quickly can you read your tricky words? Time it. Can you beat your time?

Monday 23rd March 2020- Use this link to practise your phase 3 phonics skills through lots of fun games!

Week 1

Wednesday 18th March 2020 - How many facts can you remember about sea animals we have learnt about? You could make a poster, factfile or even just present these facts to someone in your house! 

Thursday 19th March 2020 - We have been focusing on writing simple sentences. Can you write 3 simple sentences about yourself?

Friday 20th March 2020 - Home Science Activity - Give your senses a work out with these five activities!


Sight – Play a game of ‘I Spy’ (this one is also handy for practising letter sounds!)

Smell – Put some smelly foods into cups or beakers, and cover with kitchen roll or paper, with small holes poked in. Challenge your child to work out what’s inside using only their sense of smell (mints, coffee granules, orange segments, curry powder and baked beans all work quite well).

Touch – Hide some toys in a box or under a blanket, then challenge your child to work out what they are using only their sense of touch. This is a great opportunity for them to practise describing how things feel.

Taste – Confuse the senses by adding some food colouring to drinks and see if your child can work out what they are (for example blue food colouring in milk, or red in some orange juice). For more daring eaters, they could try a blindfolded taste test of familiar foods!

Hearing – Have a ‘listening minute’, where children spend a whole minute just listening to the world around them, then talk about all the sounds they could hear afterwards. Were the sounds loud or quiet? Nearby or far away? High or low?