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Hello Sutton Class!

Good Morning Sutton,

Anyone feeling like they are an hour behind after the clocks went forward?  Well done everyone who is trying to beat the teachers on TT Rockstars; especially Tommy, Patrick, Ella, Henry and Ethan. Beware though! I got my little practise in at the weekend so am going to try and double my score this week! 

7 children topping the Bug Club list at the moment, all completing more than 20 quizzes and Henry with a whopping 63! The magnificent 7 are Vinnie, Henry, Patrick, Isabelle, Oliver, Sam and Amelia W.

We have a Sutton top of the whole school on Spelling Shed!!!!!! Whoop whoop! Well done Zach Lazaro. Can he keep at the top? Lily Wong is hot on his heels at number 9. Maisie and Amelia W arent far behind either. 

So proud of all the hard work everyone is doing. 

Some great maths lessons every day on the following link;

Back tomorrow

Mrs Frost




Big well done to Vinnie, Henry, Patrick, Oliver and Sam for all the quizzes you have completed on Bug Club but surely no-one can possibly beat Isabelle who has completed 67!!!!  Jude, Grace and Lily W getting lots of reading done too!

Lots of you getting time in on Spelling Shed too;  Zach L and Lily Wong are the ones to beat here, although Amelia F, Amelia W, Henry, Sam, Patrick, Oliver and Maisie aren't far behind.

On TT Rockstars Zach L is the highest in the league for Sutton at 17th place, closely followed by Bailey at 18th, Keep going all of you, let's see if we can get Sutton into top ten.

Numbers rule today! Check out for a bit of maths challenge.

Back Soon

Mrs Frost



Happy Thursday everyone,

Two things I'd like you to try out today. The British Museum in London has an amazing virtual tour so that you can look around the artefacts and exhibitions for free - it's great!

Secondly, at 11am everyday, there is a science and nature chat on Maddie Moate's You Tube channel; I think you will find it really interesting.

Keep up the good work;  I'm hearing some great things about what you are all doing - loved the poem Vinnie!

Be back soon

Mrs Frost


Good morning Sutton Class,

I hope you are all managing well and are getting the hang of home school. I am sure you have done some brilliant Sentence Stacking (did you see my message to Carlton on the screen?) and are keeping super fit with the daily Joe Wicks work out. I have been keeping track of how you are all doing on Spelling Shed, TT Rockstars and Bug Club. A big well done to Ella and Evan who have been super busy on these sites!

For History research today, I would like you to see if you can find out more about KIndertransport during WWII. 

Keep it up Suttoners, you are doing great work out there!

Mrs Frost

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Suttoners!

The Training Space (on Youtube) have a lovely English lesson everyday that uses FANTASTICS. Today's is based around a mini Pixar film called The Blue Umberella. The lessons are live everyday at 9.45am but you can follow them in your own time. Jane Considine is a lovely teacher and I know you will enjoy these writing activities.


Mrs Frost

Good morning and happy Friday Sutton,

Science questions for you today;

States of matter

Where in your home can you find examples of changes of state?

Where in your home do you think a damp towel would dry the quickest? Why?

What evidence of the water cycle in action can you see from your window?

True or false – The water we drink today is the same water dinosaurs drank millions of years ago.

Love that last question, a good one for keeping your brains buzzing!

I'll post again soon!

Mrs Frost

Happy Thursday Sutton Class,

As part of your research for WWII, I wonder if you could research about the two sides "Allies and Axis."     Find out which countries were on either side and when they joined.

In science.....

How would a world without electricity be different?

How many switches can you find in your home?

True or false – Insulators are just as important as conductors.

If you are feeling arty today, how about designing a medal for a WWII soldier. You can find lots of examples online.

Have a good day Sutton,

Ill post on here again tomorrow

Mrs Frost



Hi Sutton Class!

  • I hope everyone has recovered from the shock of suddenly having time at home! You all have your packs now and I can just imagine how hard you are all working. Remember that keeping up with a little work each day will stop us going rusty!
  • Keep up with your reading, soaking up all that vocabulary and stretching those imaginations. I will keep putting little messages and challenges on here for you too.
  • I have your amazing 'The Piano' narratives to read through and so far they are fabulous. Well done Suttoners!
  • Take good care of yourselves and your families and I will message again tomorrow.

     Mrs Frost