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The Den @ Carlton

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The Den is where our before and after school provision takes place.  It provides an extensive range of structured sessions that are appropriately planned and risk assessed, taking into consideration the physical environment and number, age and ability of children taking part as well as staff and resources required.

Our approach is intended to develop children's learning and promote independence through play and peer interaction and give the children an opportunity to explore a range of new experiences.

Our after school service gives children the opportunity to relax after the rigours of the school day.  We have a designated area called the 'chill-out zone' where children can unwind and socialise with their peers.


The Zones

The Den is divided into specific zones where designated activities take place.  These zones and the resources available within them are rotated to ensure variety.  Examples of the zones and typical activities are listed below.

Creative Zone
pens, paints, gluing, dough, clay, sand and water

Chill Out Zone
relaxing, socialising and watching tv/dvd

Construction Zone
including Lego, Magnetix, and K'nex

Sound Zone
music, dance and karaoke

Imagination Zone
role-play, dressing-up and small world

Game Zone
board games, team games and skill games

Book Zone
a variety of fiction and knowledge books

Refuel Zone
food and refreshments


Session Times

Before School: 7.30am - 8.50am

After School: 3.20am - 5.45pm