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Champion class

Spring 2 2020 - School Closure

Hi Champion Class, 

Miss Rose here! :) did you have a good weekend?

Firstly, I hope that you are all well and looking after each other.

Secondly, I hope you are all excitedly getting on with your daily tasks; I can't wait to see what you have been getting up to!! If you have done something great which you would like to share with everyone, why not post it onto Evidence Me (I have loved what I've received so far!) or tweet us! You can find us on twitter @Carlton1876

I will be updating our class page with a task of the day to challenge you. I have also added on some useful links to follow. Keep checking for regular updates and remember to stay safe. See you all soon my Champions!

Task of the day:

Monday 30th March - Make your own obstacle course (in the garden in possible) use lots of resources to jump over, climb under and travel through and around.

Tuesday 31st March - Read ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’ together (If you don’t have the book, click on this link Talk about how the characters felt at different points in the book.

Wednesday 1st April- Think about the size language used in goldilocks. Find objects in your home to put into size order, using the vocabulary. This could be bigger objects like chairs or small objects like toys- which would belong to Daddy bear? Mummy bear? Baby bear

Thursday 2nd April- Set up a tea party for the 3 bears coming home. You will need 3 of everything. Can you think about the size of your objects and the temperature if you’re serving food.

Friday 3rd April- Become an engineer. Make a chair for your teddy using resources around the house (eg. Kitchen roll/ cereal boxes) or if you don’t have these you could use lego or bricks.


Friday 27th March- Teach your class the weather song...'What is the weather like today?' Discuss the weather and draw a picture of it. Which is your favourite type of weather? Why?

Thursday 26th March- Can you copy our morning carpet routine at your 'school'. Count how many are in your class (parents and teddies included), write this number down. Go through the days of the week with your class and write the date.

Wednesday 25th March- Can you make a school register? Write your name and a list of your family/ friends/ teddy names that will attend your school.

Tuesday 24th March- Following on from yesterday's task, can you think of a name for your school and design a school badge? You'll need to make the same one for everyone in your house to wear.​​​​​​​

Monday 23rd March 2020 - Can you design your own school uniform? Choose from your wardrobe/ fancy dress. Can you dress yourself in it without any help? Tell your family why you have chosen it. (Parents you could ask them questions for them to reflect on their design- can you run in it? can you sit on the carper comfortably in it? Will you be too hot? Too cold? Do you need to change anything about your uniform to make it more suitable?)


Friday 20th March 2020 - Home Science Activity - Give your senses a work out with these five activities!


Sight – Play a game of ‘I Spy’ (this one is also handy for practising letter sounds!)

Smell – Put some smelly foods into cups or beakers, and cover with kitchen roll or paper, with small holes poked in. Challenge your child to work out what’s inside using only their sense of smell (mints, coffee granules, orange segments, curry powder and baked beans all work quite well).

Touch – Hide some toys in a box or under a blanket, then challenge your child to work out what they are using only their sense of touch. This is a great opportunity for them to practise describing how things feel.

Taste – Confuse the senses by adding some food colouring to drinks and see if your child can work out what they are (for example blue food colouring in milk, or red in some orange juice). For more daring eaters, they could try a blindfolded taste test of familiar foods!

Hearing – Have a ‘listening minute’, where children spend a whole minute just listening to the world around them, then talk about all the sounds they could hear afterwards. Were the sounds loud or quiet? Nearby or far away? High or low?

Thursday 19th March 2020 - Can you draw a picture of your mum for Mother's Day?

Wednesday 18th March 2020- Can you recite your favourite nursery rhymes?

Useful links:     Spread The Happiness TV will be going live with Shonette all this week!  This week they will present you with great online home schooling for Early Years ages 2-6. They will be showing twice daily - 9.30AM and 1PM. We use Shonette's activities often at Carlton, her enthsiasm is infectious! She is the genius behind 'dough disco' which we all love, just ask your children!!/50-things-to-do-before-youre-five (this links to the activities on the menu you were sent. It gives you lots of information about the activity, which resources you will need and the learning behind it.) (A great website for Children's yoga, which is done alongside a story)  (Author Oliver Jeffers is reading his fantastic books live. Follow the link to hear them at 6pm or to watch stories from previous days) (For bugclub. If you did not receive your bookmark with username and password, try your child's name for username and 'Bugclub' for password. (Needs a capital B) School code is 'jppw'. If this does not work please email school. Also please note, there is a limted number of books on here.)

Spring Term

We had a great start to the Spring term and our new class members have settled in really well!

We have taken time to make sure they know who they can ask for help, what the school rules are and how they can keep safe. And of course, making sure they are having lots of fun whilst learning by helping them explore their new surroundings and resources.

Our topics for this half term is 'Roar! We have been learning about Dinosaurs and using 'The Gruffalo' to enhance our learning. 

We have read and talked about the Gruffalo and the children have come up with great character descriptions! They have then used these description to make their own Gruffalos using different materials.

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The children love learning about dinosaurs and enjoy finding out new facts. Its a great opportunity for role play as well as maths as we can count and sort them into different species and also compare sizes. 

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Within Champion class we share lots of stories and the children love the chance to act them out once they know them. This promotes a love of reading and means they are more like to be enthusiastic readers once they know their sounds! 

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