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Champion Class

Hi Champion class, Miss Rose here :)

I can't wait to see you in September! Please watch my welcome video and story below...




The story I have chosen is 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Watch it as many times as you like, I will be reading it to you in September too so I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can join in!



Transition activities

Below are some activities that you could enjoy to help you get ready for school.

Our first topic is 'What makes you smile?'

1) Talk about what makes you smile and draw a picture of it. (We can put this straight up on the wall in your classroom!)

2) Choose something from home to bring into school on your 1st day, e.g. A teddy. Choose something that makes you happy (and can fit in your drawer).

3) Think about what your favourite nursery rhyme is, can you learn the words?

4) Which book makes you smile? Can you re-tell it or act it out?

5) Do some big 'mark making', you could use chalk outside, paint the fence with water, or draw in sand.

6) Can you count up to 10? Number songs such as 'Once i caught a fish alive' make counting fun!

7) Using the videos above, can you draw a picture of me? (Miss Rose)

8) Talk about what you are looking forward to at school. What will make you smile?

9) Can you put on your own on coat?