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It is the moment you have been waiting for all week...the answers to the SPaG challenge... drum roll please...

Maths challenge

Here is another maths challenge for you... There is also a Maths murder mystery pack that I have attached to the bottom of the page too.


Why not have a read of these online comics - free to download

Art - Easter

Have a lovely and relaxing Easter break.

There is also a pack on the website with some fun ideas to keep you going over Easter too.

02/04/20 “The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison 

Who is Thomas A Edison - can you find out about him?

Morning all, hope we are all great on this lovely morning! It seems the sun is trying to come through a little bit today. 

Answer to the maths challenge yesterday...I think there might be other ways too.

Maths challenge

Why not get a little bit arty today - this youtube channel you can turn words in pictures



Morning, happy 1st of April! Here is a little maths challenge for you...

Did anyone manage the matchstick fish?? Here is a similar one with a donkey.

This time you can only move ONE matchstick to turn the donkey round.

Why not have a go at creating this...




WOW, that quiz was hard. It took me, Miss Johnson, Mrs Cowan, Mrs Clark, Liam and I even sent it to Mr Vanloo to help! Reece you did amazing! We just couldn't work out number 5! I hope that they send me the actual answers, if not I will post our answers at the end of the week...Keep going!

A couple of challenges for you today...

Maths puzzles

If you post your answer on twitter - I will check to see if you are correct! 

Brainteaser! Swimming fish (You don't have to use matchsticks, you could use straws or sticks from your garden)

Easy: Move three matchsticks to turn the fish around.

Harder: Move two matchsticks to turn the fish around

Science - Why not have a go at making a paper hovercraft

Follow the instructions below to create your paper hovercraft.
Try different materials or sizes to see which ones go the fastest or take the most force to get moving.



Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I can see that some children have even been keeping up with the home learning over the weekend too.

I know that the battle is still on TTRS for the next three day - Who is going to win??


Remember the Word of the Day that we used to do? They emailed me an emoji quiz this morning. Can you identify the English/SPaG/grammar terminology from these emojis? Good Luck!!!


End of the week shout out to Maggie, Toby, Lia, Isla, Isabelle, Millie, Reece, Dan, Ellie and Emilia who have consistently completed their all home learning - day in day out! Keep it up guys!

Today's challenge

I hope that you have all been helping out at home with any chores that need doing - I'd love to see you in action! 

There is also a TTRS teachers vs children battle - game on!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend 

26/03/20 'Today is a great day to learn something new'

Hi Livingstone,

sorry I have been quiet over the last few days, I have been in school this week. We have been keeping up on all our homelearning and I can see that some of you have too. Maxwell has consistently played the most games over the last few days, great job! Reece played 50 games on spelling shed on Monday - that is amazing! Millie with 28 on Monday too!!! Olivia is currently in the lead today with 8 games. 

If you are all wondering what the zoom in zoom out was the other day... An orange!! did anyone get it??

If you are out on your daily exercises on the times below why not have a look out for International Space Station

Todays Challenge - A maths challenge

Enjoy guys, speak soon 

23/03/20 'You will never have this day again so make this day count'

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all ok this morning - Millie is in the lead with 18 games! Maxwell is in the lead for TTRS with 11 games played already!

The answer to the challenge was....

Did anyone get it??? Me either...

Today's challenge/discussion: Zoom in Zoom out! Have a discussion with your family? what do you think it is? why?


20/03/20 'Treat others the way you want to be treated' 

As of 11:30 today I can see that Noah is currently in the lead this morning on TTRS having played 12 games already! Reece is top of the spelling leader board - I can see he has played 12 times already!!!! Emilia and Lucy D playing a close 8 behind him!  Great job

Don't forget to tweet if you do anything! - I know we have also used this in class, it is a really great to use if you fancy doing a little bit of drawing

Today's challenge/discussion: Zoom in Zoom out! Have a discussion with your family? what do you think it is? why?

Good Luck! 

19/03/20 'I think I can, I know I can'

As of Lunchtime today I can tell you that:  Ellie is top of the leader board having played 18 TTRS games! Olivia is top of the spelling leader board with 10, having beaten Dan by 1!! Great job guys, keep it up!

Did you guess the challenge yesterday? A feather!!! I didn't guess it either - I was convinced it was a carpet! 

Extra PE

Joe Wicks is going to be putting on a PE session from Monday to Friday at 9am through his youtube channel. Check out the link below - there are are videos already on there for you to have a go at. 

Today's discussion/challenge

Discuss it with family and write down your thoughts

Remember parents can tweet us, we'd love to see what you are getting up to!! 


Hi Livingstone, Mrs Alexiou here :) 

Hope you are all well and have started working through your daily routine today, I have already seen that 10 children had been on Spelling Shed by Lunchtime today - good job! Don't forget I also gave you a list of the 100 words you need to know. The ones in white are the ones you still need to learn.

Positive thought of the day: 

“With the new day come new thoughts and new strengths.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Each day I'm am going to be setting you a little challenge to get yourselves thinking:

Challenge 1: Zoom in Zoom out! Have a discussion with your family? what do you think it is? why?

Answer will be revealed tomorrow, good luck!!

Remember what we talked about yesterday, don't forget to help out at home 


Spring 1

Our new topic this half term is Groovy Greeks!! We will be learning all about the history of Ancient Greece such as; the Olympics, who the different Greek Gods were, the influence that Ancient Greece had on the world, the achievements of some the most famous Ancient Greeks and The Battle of Marathon.

We were treated to a fantastic performance in the first week back all about the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa.

Our new Science topic this half term is called Body Pump! We will be focusing on looking at the circulatory system and in particular the heart and how it works. 

In English we are using a short animation called Alma to inspire our writing and the children done some fantastic writing so far of building the suspense...who knows what will happen to Alma next...


Just a reminder that in order for children to earn their home learning token they must read three times a week (either on bug club or a physical book) and write summary sentences to go with this. 

Maths homework is TTRS that is set weekly by the teacher. They have to complete 5 rounds in order to complete the task.

Each Math class has also been given a red study book (which will need to be returned at the end of the year) and white question book in which to complete the work that they are set by their math teacher. This is due in on a Wednesday

Spelling Shed is also up and running, children should have a username and password in their planners and I have set weekly homework for them to have a go at too. 

I am also going to be sending home 10 spellings a week based on our lessons which the children need to practise

Home learning runs from Monday to Monday, reading and maths will be checked and planners will also be signed.

For anyone that wants any extra arithmetic practise is great for practise questions.