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Livingstone Loony Llamas

Hi everyone and welcome to Livingstone Loony Llamas. We have had a great start to the school year getting to know each other. Now we are very excited to get stuck in to our new topic - Tudors.



Hi Livingstone - Hope you had a great day yesterday!

My three favourite foods are strawberries, chocolate and fish and chips! Maybe not all at the same time though...

Today I want to know about two books that you love to read! 

I came across this little inspirational quote yesterday and I thought it was quite relevant! You are all doing a great job being at home for so long - keep going!!

Good morning again everyone!

So four things that I enjoy! Let me think... going on my holidays to see my family, going to the gym, going to see my cat Jasper (he only has one eye!) and eating lots of tasty food! 

Right tomorrows challenge... 

Have a think about your 3 favourite foods/snacks! 

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to Livngstone class! My name is Mrs Alexiou - take a look at the video below. Sorry I filmed it on Friday so it does say next week rather than this week...oops!



First challenge:

Can you tell me 4 different activities or interests that you have? You might want to draw them, film creative.

I will share 4 things that I enjoy tomorrow too along with your second challenge!

Here is a great little quote for today that I found:

'Everyone is a reader, some just haven't found their book yet'

Have you found your favourite book yet? I'm going search for some books on my kindle until I find the right one for me! I'll let you know how I get on.

I hope that you all enjoy your last week of learning and we still want to see you uploading your Maths and English on Google classroom.

Mrs Alexiou