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At Carlton we strongly believe in working together with parents and stakeholders in our community to enable children to reach their full potential.

Teaching & Learning Policy


This policy is the core policy of the school and underpins all of our practice.  We believe that every child in our school is entitled to the best education we can provide within a challenging, stimulating and inspirational framework which promotes excellence and achievement.

Aims of this policy

  • To outline to our stakeholders (Eg. parents, governors) our unique approach to educating the whole child
  • To ensure consistency and continuity in our approach
  • To set out our expectations of excellent practice covering all facets of learning
  • To develop a supportive culture of review and evaluation
  • To provide new staff with a clear vision of the school’s expectations

Learning experiences – ‘The Curriculum’

The curriculum at Carlton Primary school is one that is built around our seven learning skills.  These seven learning characteristics underpin everything that we hope to develop with our children within the statutory framework of the National Curriculum.  We aim to develop the whole child to be responsible, resourceful, creative, reflective, resilient, collaborative and reasoning individuals.  Our curriculum maps are carefully tailored for each year group to ensure that children are engaged in deep learning opportunities that require imagination and critical thought.  This learning is applied within a framework that balances technological skills with experiences outside of the classroom.  Outdoor learning is a key element to our curriculum and opportunities are always sought to immerse ourselves in experiences that bring topics alive.  Our extra-curricular offer is just as important as the learning that occurs in the classroom.  We have a wide range of clubs for all year groups which enhance our learning skills and ensure all of our children have opportunity to succeed.

We follow a specific Well-being Agenda with a monthly focus that gives children the chance to explore themes such as Relationships, Community and Health.  These are the basis for whole school assemblies.  This is just one strand to a comprehensive package that includes Personal, Social & Health Education and Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural education.

Behaviour and Learning

 We believe our students learn best when they are:

  • Engaged and highly motivated,
  • Achieving success in a variety of areas,
  • Challenged by work that is well matched and extends their thinking to a deeper level,
  • Confident, curious and using their initiative to drive their own learning.

At Carlton Primary we have three simple school rules:

  • Be respectful
  • Be safe
  • Be a learner

All of our classrooms display these rules with examples of particular expectations in each year group.  This clarity allows for a calm and happy school environment where children and staff are focussed on enjoying the learning journey together.  Positive behaviour is celebrated in a variety of ways within the classroom and at a whole school level.  For those children struggling with some aspects of their behaviour, the Carlton Behaviour Plan is used to highlight which behaviours are inappropriate.  A restorative approach is also used when children may find themselves in conflict.  They are guided towards reflection on their behaviour and resolution of the problem.  Our children are also starting to take responsibility for anti-bullying through the use of nominated Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in each class. 

To ensure children understand what makes a successful and happy learner, we focus every half term on a particular learning skill and look carefully at how we demonstrate that skill around school and in the wider community.

Learning environment

Carlton Primary School is at the heart of the local community and enjoys strong links with a variety of groups.  We enjoy assemblies and celebration with the local church and are helping to develop Ouzlewell Woods and orchard into a learning environment.  Our classrooms are even named after the rhubarb varieties that grow in the world famous sheds! 

The physical environment, in which children’s learning takes place, is one which supports and enhances their learning and reflects the ethos of our school.  The development of this environment is fundamental to the learning process and to nurturing independent thinkers.  We believe that children should be taught to take care of, and have pride in, their communities inside and outside of the school building.  The school environment also reflects the diversity of our society to ensure equality is celebrated.

Collaborative Learning

All staff at Carlton Primary School are lifelong learners who reflect on their own practice and the practice of others to continually improve.  They proactively keep ahead of current educational research and improve their own subject knowledge to ensure their practice is up-to-date and relevant.  Alongside this, staff engage in bespoke CPD opportunities to enhance their provision within the classroom and beyond.  Support is always available from Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders within school and across the Family of Schools.  We work closely with the schools in our local area to challenge, support and always driving improvements forward for our children.

Home Learning is another way that we try to encourage collaborative learning.  Parents and carers are key to the success and happiness of their children at this crucial stage of their education. By building strong relationships based on trust and openness, every child can succeed.  Home Learning can enhance this approach as children and grown-ups work together on weekly projects.

Assessment and feedback (see appendices)

The appendices attached define our approach to assessment in Maths and English and the frequency, content and depth that should be seen in children’s written work.  Alongside these formalised whole school agreements, we ensure that appropriate levels of formative assessment are taking place to:

  • Clarify the learning journey for all children
  • Feed into the planning process and make sure provision is accurately pitched.
  • Scaffold learning for all of our learners

Children are also encouraged to be part of this process with regular opportunities for self and peer assessment. 

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