Carlton Primary School

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Livingstone Class - Year 5

Livingstone is a Year 5 class and the teacher is Miss O'Connor.

Welcome to Livingstone Class!

 Hello Livingstone Class! 

I am delighted to be your teacher until the end of the year and I hope you are too! You impress me everyday with your positive attitudes to learning and the way that you respect each other. If you have any worries, come and chat with me: a problem shared is a problem halved (parents this is to you). Let us see what this year brings! 

Miss O'Connor

More to come... 

 We put our cooking skills to good use in our DT lessons! During these, we made cupcakes and fruit kebabs. Even those children who said they didn't like fruit, tucked in and enjoyed them. They applied the skills, like cutting using a knife, that they learnt last half-term. We were focusing on grating and skewering: we are a citrus-loving class and a lot of them loved the bitter taste that the lemon zest gave. When they were finished, they were able to eat and evaluate their food, explaining what they would change if they were going to make them again. Let them show you the skills that they learnt when making meals at home.






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