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Food Ambassadors



 At Carlton Primary School we have a group of enthusiastic Food Ambassadors who work alongside our head chef and Miss Ryder. Our Food Ambassadors take responsibility for school food and help lead change through the eyes of the pupils. 


18.1.24 - Two of our Food Ambassadors were nominated by the pupils in school to become the Food Ambassador leaders. As part of this role they undertook some training. They spoke with other schools and were given a bunch of ideas on how to promote healthy eating and how to improve school lunches.

"I can't wait to tell the others about all the things we have heard today, especially thinking about a themed day".

"School A had such good ideas on reducing food waste, we could try this too".

They are looking forward to sharing this learning with their team when they are back in school.

FA Training



14.12.23 - Over the past two weeks the Food Ambassadors have been reviewing and updating our food policy for Carlton Primary School.

Food Ambassador - "We would like all children to be having healthy and nutricious lunches, so we are going to make sure everyone knows about treat Friday by creating posters and spending time in classes".

Food Ambassador- " Healthy lunch slips are going to be rewarded to children with healthy lunchbox choices". 

Please take a look at some of our child friendly lunchtime policies...

Child Friendly Lunch Policy 1 

Child Friendly Lunch Policy 2 

Child Friendly Lunch Policy 3 




17.11.23 - Today we worked alongside the kitchen staff to create a Indian themed lunch for Diwali. We had a poppadom and mango chutney tasting station.

Food Ambassador - " I like how many children are trying the mango chutney even though at first they weren't sure!

Food Ambassador - "people are coming back for more, maybe we think about serving poppadoms on our weekly menu at school".

Diwali - tasting



10.11.23 - Today we have been preparing for the Diwali day we are having at school. We have been busy organising our own poppadom tasting station at lunch time. We have created posters so that all of our friends in school know about the special day!

Diwali Prep!



9.11.23- This week our head chef has been sorting through the applications we received for the Food Ambassador role. He said it was a hard job as there were many brilliant ideas that he had never thought of! A few applications really stood out for their enthusiasm, passion for food and knowledge of the school. Take a look at our new Food Ambassadors for 2023/24...