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Colorado Class - Year 6

Colorado is a Year 6 class and the teacher is Mrs Holmes.

Welcome to Colorado Class!

Hello Colorado Class! 

I am very excited to be your new teacher! I am really looking forward to September and getting to know lots about you all. We have a very busy but exciting year ahead and there will be lots of exciting things happening along the way. I hope you all have a fantastic summer, stay safe and make sure you have a well-earned rest. I will see you all in September, ready and raring to go! 

Mrs Holmes 

Our Learning in Autumn 1

Here is a showcase of all the wonderful things the children have been doing this half term. It has been jam-packed full of exciting opportunities with lots more to look forward to!

First week in Colorado!

A snapshot of what Colorado have been doing at the start of this half term.


Colorado have hit the ground running with their learning this half term! Starting with place value, they have been working with numbers up to 10 million and are using their reasoning skills well to justify their answers - so important to say how they know and what they did to reach their answer! Keep this up Colorado!
What a fantastic effort for our topic homework over the holidays. Colorado really amazed me with their creative homework pieces loved sharing them at the start of our topic lessons. It is wonderful hearing all the facts they have learnt which they can build upon during our lessons. A wonderful start to the year!
Our first writing focus this half term is Jurassic World. They children have thought carefully about how facial expressions and body language can show their emotions and used the skill of 'show not tell' to make their writing exciting. They enjoyed reading each others and celebrated what they liked about their partners work by sharing it with the rest of the class.
For indoor PE this half term, the children have started Zumba and have really thrown themselves into it! We have some groovers and movers in Year 6 this year!


Our Year 6's were able to learn practical skills and develop their understanding of how to cycle on today's roads during their cycle training. It was amazing to see their confidence grow and present them with their certificates. A fantastic achievement Colorado class, well done!

History - Stone Age to Iron Age

This half term we have been on a journey through the prehistoric time period, learning all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. As historians, the children have used artefacts to deduce information about what life was like during these periods of history. One highlight for the children was taking a virtual tour around Stonehenge and learning about all the different theories surrounding its mystery. 

PE - Indoor and Outdoor

Our indoor PE this half term has been Zumba. and the children have learnt different Zumba routines. They also choreographed their own routines and performed them to the rest of the class. It was wonderful to see them all cheering on their peers and willing each other to do well.

For outdoor PE, our focus was Outdoor Adventure Activities. The children have displayed excellent team work throughout all lessons as well as using their knowledge of the cardinal points and map reading skills to solve problems and avoid 'dangers'. 

Jurassic World

We have loved our writing focus this half term: Jurassic World! In class, the children used a 'conscience alley' to help them with reasons for and against hybrid dinosaurs in preparation for persuasive letter writing. We then experienced a real life debate, parliament style! From the 'Speaker of the House of Commons' to Colorado's version of 'here here,' we had it all! Definitely some careers in public speaking on the horizon! 

Athlete Visit - Jenny Wallwork

We had a very exciting opportunity to meet Jenny Wallwork, a badminton player for GB! We enjoyed completing a circuit training session with her as part of the Sports for Schools enterprise and learnt so many things about her pathway to being the highest ranking female player for 4 years.


Cutting, measuring, heating and tasting! 4 important skills practiced during our cooking session this half term to make pizzas! I wonder which they enjoyed the most?


Home learning:

Reading 3x a week - in planners for Monday (including a chapter from our class reader, set on Google Classroom)

TTRS 10x - for Friday 

Spelling Shed 10x - for Friday 

Weekly spellings - test on Thursday 

What are we doing in class?

UKS2 updates – January 2023