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Our expert, who ensures History strategies are linked across the school-age groups is Miss Fletcher.


Intent: Through History, our children will develop the foundation of chronology, which is embedded in learning about significant people and events that have shaped our locality and world. Our teaching ensures our children reflect, compare, and think critically to understand the past. With their increasing oracy skills, our children develop a sense of perspective and judgement, which scaffolds their reasoning skills when considering causes and consequences.

Implementation: Following the National Curriculum, alongside Hywell Roberts’ Imagineering, the children are captured and immersed in the subject of History through a Topic. Ensuring the progression of skills is scaffolded with Knowledge organisers, vocabulary lists, Historian visitors, and trips, our children are taken on a journey of identity. 

Impact: By understanding the past lives of significant people and events locally and globally and how this impacts their lives now children are taken on a journey of discovery of themselves and others. Through the learning opportunities, children are able to express and articulate the human condition by making links and comparing civilizations through time.

17.10.23 Miss Fletcher

Course Outline

During History at Carlton, children start learning about ways that we can find out about the past, through to understanding how to identify significant events, make connections, draw contrasts, and analyse historical trends.

history progression of knowledge and skills carlton primary school final website.pdf



History Curriculum

History Outcomes