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Our leading expert, who ensures English strategies are linked across the school-age groups is Miss Dobbins.


The Write Way by Jane Considine is the methodology through which our writing lessons are planned. Pupils learn about the FANTASTICS as the nine things they can write about. They are then taught to use BOOMTASTICS as a ‘how to’ enhance their writing through writer’s tools such as simile, metaphor, alliteration and so on. Pupils are shown how to use sentence variety; simple, compound and complex sentences to give their writing variety and flow. Woven into writing blocks is grammar and spelling, taught in context through writing lessons and as explicit lessons where new techniques are being introduced.

Oracy and language immersion activities begin the writing journey. Pupils are exposed to rich examples of writing and are given opportunities to “try on” voices of characters through drama and role play.

Planning and drafting are taught as important stages of writing towards a finished piece. Pupils learn how to break down a piece of writing into chunks and plan each section so they know where they are taking their reader, who the audience is and the purpose of their writing. Editing and proofreading are taught explicitly to encourage pupils to develop and improve their drafts, not to be satisfied with their first attempt.

Publishing pieces of writing is encouraged as children move up through school. This process gives pupils the opportunity to showcase their best work, once they have refined and edited earlier drafts.

Effective writing is developed across the whole curriculum and pupils apply these writing tools in all subject areas, extending their ability to write for a variety of purposes and using a wealth of voices.

Course Outline

Writing - Rolling Programme

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