Carlton Primary School

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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is diverse, exciting, challenging and up-to-date. It gives children opportunities to ‘let their light shine’.


 Our curriculum aims to engage and inspire learners by providing them with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed. We foster a love of learning by offering a stimulating curriculum, a rigorous iterative approach and a clearly sequenced build up means that our curriculum is accessible to all. Our approach is ambitious as we understand the need for children to retain knowledge and build upon prior learning. We aim to prepare each pupil with the necessary attributes they need for the next step in their academic journey. 


We closely follow the National Curriculum and EYFSP to ensure that our pupils are taught the fundamentals. We look to meet the specific need of our own pupils by providing learning that takes into consideration their context and life experiences.


 At Carlton, we want every child to let their light shine. Everything we do is underpinned by our 5 core values:


Share- at all levels, being unselfish in our drive collaborate in our learning and each other

High aspirations- setting no limits!

Innovate- imagination in action, resilience in abundance.

Nurture- developing wellbeing and prioritising positive relationships

Empower- being the change we wish to see in the world.


Carlton Primary School has, at its core, a desire to develop children who are articulate, resilient and curious learners.  We believe that by embedding our five values within a broad and enriched curriculum, alongside the promotion of physical and mental well-being, we will develop rounded individuals who have the fundamental abilities to contribute positively to wider society. We want our students to have firm foundations in the core subject areas and we will teach these academic areas with rigour and challenge. 


Through a variety of approaches, which include theme days, educational visits, practical and real-life experiences alongside outdoor learning, teachers plan activities that engage and stimulate children’s learning whilst enriching the curriculum content in a creative way.


Children are taught to be effective, independent learners. We encourage children to develop the resilience needed to be intrigued by their mistakes and enjoy challenge, whilst fostering a life-long love of learning. We believe that every child can learn and so we use appropriate challenge to enable every child to grow and progress in a language-rich environment. 


Using our context as a foundation, teachers build on providing the core knowledge and skills through the use of high quality resources, evidence based good practice and a sound understanding of the cohort’s needs. Our PHSE curriculum allows children to explore issues and feelings in a safe environment. They learn how to keep themselves healthy (physically and emotionally), safe (in the real world and the digital world) and understand how to respect the views and beliefs of others. Our curriculum is grounded in SMSC and British Values to ensure our children have deep understanding of themselves within a diverse and multicultural society. Our dedicated staff team provide strong pastoral support for all children.


Our carefully designed, bespoke curriculum encourages wondering, exploring and independent decision making.  It requires our children to be creative, courageous, resilient and reflective. Our classrooms are places where we feel safe, valued and empowered.  We work together to make sense of our learning and what it means to us, before sharing it with our parents and school community.



 Our children demonstrate:

  • - Outcomes above the national standard
  • - A strong, positive sense of who they are, how they work and what inspires them
  • - A love of learning and are curious to learn more
  • - High expectations of themselves and work hard to achieve
  • - Believe that they ‘can do it’, even when the going gets tough
  • - Express themselves clearly and confidently
  • - Know that they have a lot to offer the world
  • - Understand their own and other people’s points of view, beliefs and choices
  • - Are creative, imaginative, problem-solvers
  • - Are proud of themselves, Carlton and our community

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