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On the 11.11.13 the whole school stood in silence at eleven o’clock in the school hall.

by Melissa and Katie

 Last week at school we were selling stick on poppies. The poppies were sold for any silver coin. The money that we raised went to the Royal British Legion which is a charity that raises money for people who have fought in wars and have either been injured or have lost their lives.

 The poppies were sold all week and the children (including foundation) and staff could buy one.

Every day last week two year six children went around the class rooms so that people could buy the poppies. We raised a lot of money and we are very thankful for all the money that the children have raised for the charity. (The Royal British Legion)

 On the 11.11.13 the whole school had one minute of silence at eleven o’clock n the school hall. We all wore our poppies to show that we care about the soldiers that have lost their lives to save our country.


by Melissa  and Katie