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Christmas Play Preparations

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The whole school have been busy all week preparing for next week's Christmas plays.

by Molly and Abbie

Christmas is a very special time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ. Some people celebrate by giving and receiving gifts, everybody loves Christmas. So what are Carlton's pupils doing to prepare for their Christmas plays?

Foundation Stage

In the youngest part of the school they are doing a traditional Christmas nativity. There will be two super star performances by these little bundles of joy, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


KS1 children will be taking part in a Rock 'n' Roll Christmas which promises to get all the parents singing and dancing along

Lower KS2

Lower KS2 are doing a modern take on a traditional story (the nativity). With added humour and modern appliances (e.g. phones and satnavs). We interviewed Head of Year 3/4 Mr Van Loo and asked him what the story was about. He replied that lower KS2 are doing a traditional nativity except there is a slight twist. While things are happening in the nativity the characters start to day dream on what life would be like in the future; like when Marry and Joseph go to find an inn they day dream and in their dream they use a phone to ring up a hotel to stay there (things like that).

Upper KS2

Year 5 and 6 are pulling off an extravaganza of a singing carol concert. With several students acting out the nativity, 11 narrators and 4 prayers. They will be singing all of their favourite Christmas Carols in a spellbinding concert.  Don’t forget to bring tissues because the silent night that they singing is extra special!

Come and see any one of our shows to celebrate an awesome Christmas!

by Molly and Abbie