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There are loads of exciting things going on at the moment in school and our teachers are raelly busy!

by Lauren and Lauren

 There are loads of exciting thngs happening in school at the moment and our teachers are really busy!

Mrs Cooper, our head teacher, is showing prospective parents around our school whose children might be starting in September .

Foundation have been doing lots of exciting things like digging, egg watching, investigations, exploring and beatle bots.

Mrs Sowden is making wanted posters for pirates on the loose .

Miss Moores is creating sea monster collages.

Mrs Letheren and Mrs Warmington-Bonas are inventing their own pirate islands.

Miss Gowran is inventing and making party food .

Mr van Loo is designing recipes  for party food .

Miss McDonnell is doing DT  for healthy food .

Miss Rose is making 3D mountains .

Mrs Harris  is making 3D maps.

Mr Coe and Mrs Hicks are doing SATs  and making 3D/2D maps with contor lines.


by Lauren and Lauren