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Science for Explorers

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Last week we had a request of our stupendous scientific growing brains to help a group of adventurers who were stuck in their ways and wanting help to get them going again with their fantastic journeys.

by Emma and Anya

Last week we had a request of our stupendous growing brains to help a group of adventurers stuck in their ways and wanting help to get them going again with their fantastic journeys. Their names were: Paula Explorer, Dora Explorer, Flora Explorer and Laura Explorer.  All over the school, classes were sent a letter of plea from the group of adventurers that asked us if we’d help them get out of their sticky situations.

 Foundation helped out Dora by making her a sunhat that would protect her from the sun, they invented a hat that would protect her neck and face. 

Year1/2 helped out Flora by answering her question: What was the best way to store her cress so that she could travel with it? Scarlett, from Ruby class, said that seeing what happened to the plant in the suitcase was really fun. They put the plant in a suitcase, in a bag and on a table.

Year 3/4 helped answer the question from Laura by helping her design a boat to get over the river Nile. They came up with boats that were powered by a propeller made by a paper clip and a water powered boat.

 Year 5/6 were asked by Paula to help her perfect her Human Canonball act. We tested the weight on the end of the rocket, the trajectory (angle) the rocket was shot at and the amount of force applied to the rocket. Because of the wind, our results were scattered and non of us came to the same conclusion.

All of the children wrote back to their explorer and told them all the results they had got from their experiments.  We also chose some people in our classes to explain to the rest of the school what we were asked to do, what we had done, what results we got and what knowledge we gained from the experiments.

Year 6 are currently practicing and planning for their amazing leaver’s assembly.  The theme this year is the Circus and the Year 6 children have all got parts in the show doing Circus acts, such as: Clowns, Stilt Walkers, Tarot Card Readers, Plate Spinners, Feather Balancers, Lion tamers and many more.

In the spirit of wake and shake, every class in the school has been inventing and perfecting their very own routine to their chosen song. The actual wake and shake competition will take place on Friday 28th June.

Sports Days are also coming up soon and we have already found out who our teammates are, what countries our teams have got and which teacher we have got for the event. If you are not sure or would just like to check, there are lists dotted around the school to show you what country, teachers and teammates you have.

Every child in Carlton Primary school will move up a year in 10 weeks and will soon break up.  As the summer holiday approaches, the children are making the most of their last few weeks in their classes, and for the year 6s they are looking forward to going to their new high schools.

We would also like to note that the school summer talent show will take place on 5th of July. So you had better get practising.

By Emma and Anya