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Pushing and Pulling in Foundation Stage

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This week in foundation stage, the children have been learning about pushing and pulling with their topic ‘How Things Move’. 

by Katie-Mae and Charlotte

 This week in foundation stage, the children have been learning about pushing and pulling. The children’s topic, How Things Move, has been helping them use skills such as creativity, blowing, aiming and spellings.

They have been focusing on making paper aeroplanes to throw outside in Green Bay and seeing whose plane can get the furthest. The question that was asked was, ‘Will the aeroplane move further with the wind?’

In Blue Bay, they were playing the game blow-football with straws. They were playing it in a black tub with a football field on and playing against each other to see who could win the match. This helped the children’s aim in blowing the ball into the right place and helped them to concentrate.

 In Red Bay, children were using their artistic blowing skills by blowing paint through straws to create a masterpiece of different coloured paints. The children’s creations were actually very good and they had taken their time with the different textures and patterns.

Reece, aged 5 in Blue Bay quoted that he was enjoying this topic and has been practicing his spellings.

Foundation teachers have reported that the races they did on Thursday were great!  What they had to do was have a race with toy cars on a wooden ramp outside and see which cars went the furthest and to see who came first, second and third.  Apparently they had very happy winners! Well done Foundation winners!

Next week, they will be learning about heritage of the village and rhubarb.

Well! What a busy week foundation! I'm sure that they have enjoyed this topic and can’t wait for more!