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Before half term, the whole of Carlton Primary took part in a special Local Heritage Week.  Read on to find out what we got up to!

by Oliver and Callum

This week’s article is about heritage week.  Year 5/6 (our oldest classes of children) have been around the whole of the amazing village of Carlton.  All of year five and six were really excited about this super chance to go around Carlton with their teachers.  On the morning before this happened I spoke to Mrs Maddison about this she said, "It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn lots of new facts about where we live."  There was one teaching assistant who was a super star at telling the facts. Mrs Smith, she has worked at this school for a long time and has lived in Carlton for even longer.  She has been at this school for longer than any other teacher has.  She knows tons about this school and Carlton itself, she is truly amazing!

 Year 1/2 have also taken part in heritage week.  They have done two things:  some amazing jolly rhubarb dotty pictures and also they dressed up as Victorians. They have also been eating plenty of rhubarb.  It has been a fun amazing week for them two.

On Friday, the whole of year 5/6 went to Oldroyd's Farm, about 50 meters away from their school, and saw Mrs Oldroyd in person.   She showed us her forced rhubarb sheds and gave us a tour of her rhubarb farm.  The Oldroyd family have been growing rhubarb for generations, this was a great chance to learn about rhubarb from the masters of growing it!