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This week the whole school has had an outdoor learning week.

by Matthew and Ben


This week the whole school has had an outdoor learning week.

 Each class visited Ouzlewell Woods but Tilden’s trip was cancelled due to strong winds so they went on the same day as Paragon. The woods were named after the Ring Ouzel bird (on the right) and it is now extremely rare in this country, but not so much in other countries in Europe.

 The days that we went to the woods were Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We were doing various different tasks in the woods like leaf, twig, fruit and berry collecting, skecthing and measuring the circumference of the trees. It was really muddy in the woods so the school provided waterproof trousers for us to wear so we don’t get really muddy. To the left of this text is an example of the waterproof trousers that the school have provided for the children to wear when they go to the woods.

 Ouzlewell Woods was planted in 1998 and is still growing gracefully today, the area around the woods and Bushy Cliffe was origanally a coal mine, Bushy Cliffe was the only part of the fields that were untouched while they were digging for the coal.

Ouzlewell is the local woods for Carlton so that is why the whole school went for our outdoor learning week 20th October – 24th October. We can't wait to go back!


By Matthew and Ben.