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New Mini League Teams

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This term Mr Coe has created new mini-leauge teams for year 3/4 and year 5/6.  Lots of girls and boys are taking part this half term.

by Katie and Niamh

This term Mr Coe has created new mini-leauge teams for year 3/ and year 5/6. Lots of girls and boys are taking part this half term.

Mini-league football helps us work together and helps us bond with different people, also people enjoy it too. This term lots more girls play football, not just boys, and the boys still enjoy it and like playing to keep healthy and active. And lots of teachers think it’s good that we do mini football. For year 3/4 they have referees from year 6 to come and help them a bit and tell them not to argue if they lose or win.


Zak in year 4 said that he loves the mini league teams.

Casey said that it keeps him active in playtimes and lunch times.

The boys said they would be very bored at playtimes and lunchtimes without the football time and the multi sports court.


We get to choose our own team names. We also have Captains and Vice Captains. Year 1 and 2 do play football but don’t have a mini league teams they just play against each other.  The boys in year 1 and 2 mainly play football but some girls do too.  About  half of the boys in the school like to play football.  Here are some of the team names.  

Chocolate Chickens, Milky Way FC, Ultimate United, Chips11, Nerds, Galaxy Star, Beast, Liverpool, Marshmallow and Bob

At the end of this term we will find out who won and who lost. The winners will stand up in Friday assembly.

by Katie and Niamh