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Carlton Choirs have had a really successful time recently in local competitions.

Carlton Primary School have a lovely choir which is conducted by Mrs Thomas (also known as Mrs T) and Ruth who is the piano player. Mrs Thomas has surprisingly been conducting for approximately twelve years or maybe even a bit more. On Friday 22nd April Carlton choir and many other school choirs entered a festival in Rothwell at Blackburn Hall. Carlton choir had to split into different groups because there were too many children for them all to sing together. One half entered the under elevens choir the other half entered under nines choir. The under elevens competed against one choir and came second, the under nines competed against two choirs and actually came first. The choir that came first were named The Quavers and the other choir was named The Crotchets.

A lovely lady judged all of the choirs and gave them a comment and something to improve on. Although they have all done extremely well and it’s not the winning that matters it’s the taking part which they all did. The Quavers sang,

  • Drunken sailor
  • The frog
  • Wild cat
  • Roller coaster

And the Crotchets sang,

  • Stocking and shirt
  • Nicholas Nye
  • Haunted Highway
  • Room to grow

The Quavers were awarded with a huge trophy which Carlton Primary school is extremely proud of. The Carlton choir does many other festivals and concerts at Blackburn Hall.

By Felicity M